Wednesday, December 21, 2005

VB.NET 2005 :)

Quoted From Ken Getz MCW Technologies, LLC - MSDN

The My Namespaces

Imagine being able to find the functionality you need within the huge set of classes available as part of the .NET Framework immediately. Imagine using a single reference to accomplish goals that would otherwise require many lines of code. Imagine being more productive than you could ever have been programming in previous versions of Visual Basic or Visual Basic 6. These goals, and more, have been met with the addition of the My namespace to Visual Basic 2005.

Like shortcuts on your Windows desktop make it easier for you to find the applications and files you need in Windows, the My namespace classes provide shortcuts to commonly used functionality within the .NET Framework. In addition, the My namespace adds functionality that was previously difficult to find, difficult to use, or was simply not possible without unmanaged API calls.

The My namespace includes the following classes, each of which includes a number of useful members:

* Application

* Computer

* Forms

* Resources

* Settings

* User

For example, to play an audio file in Visual Basic 2005, rather than using DirectX or Win32 API calls, you could write this simple single line of code:


Or, to play a system sound, you might write code like this:


In addition, My namespace supplies functionality that otherwise requires substantial code. For example, the following code demonstrates how you can use simple code to ping a computer:

If My.Computer.Network.IsAvailable Then If My.Computer.Network.Ping("") Then MsgBox("Microsoft's site is available.") End If End If

Working with the file system has never been easier. My.Computer.FileSystem provides a flat, stateless, discoverable, and easy-to-use way to perform common file system operations. File system operations such as copying, deleting, moving, and renaming files and folders are at the core of My.Computer.FileSystem. For example, developers frequently require file, folder, and drive properties (such as a file's size, encoding, and so on). Using My.Computer.FileSystem, commonly referenced file, folder, and drive properties can be obtained easily. For example, to display the size of each drive in your system, you might write code like the following:

For Each drv As DriveInfo In My.Computer.FileSystem.Drives If drv.IsReady Then Debug.WriteLine(String.Format( _ "{0}:\ {1:N0}", drv.Name, drv.TotalSize)) End If Next

The My.User class provides information about the current user, including Name and IsInRole properties. You could use code like the following to display the current user's information and whether the user is an administrator:

MsgBox(My.User.Identity.Name & ":" & _ My.User.IsInRole("Administrators"))

If you wanted to determine the current user's application data folder, you could use simple code like the following:

MsgBox( _ My.Computer.FileSystem.SpecialDirectories. _


The My namespace also adds functionality that returns many of the RAD features of Visual Basic 6 to the .NET development platform. For example, Visual Basic developers historically accessed forms by name, relying on the runtime engine to maintain a collection of all the available form classes. Using the new My.Forms collection, developers can write code to open and interact with an instance of a form class created as part of a solution, like the following:


In addition, the My namespace includes a number of other dynamically created collections, including Forms, WebServices, Resources, and Settings. The My.WebServices collection allows developers to easily call Web Service methods taking advantage of IntelliSense and strong typing, and makes the call simpler as well. For example, imagine a Web Service named Numbers that has already been declared in a project. Calling the NumToStr method of the Web Service couldn't get much easier than this:


The My namespace has been devised to make it simpler for Visual Basic developers to accomplish their goals with less work, and with less searching through multiple namespaces. You'll find that many arduous tasks in previous releases are now only a single reference away.

Friday, December 09, 2005

ACM 28/11/2005 KUWAIT

The ACM competition which took place in Kuwait this year was an amazing event and one of the interested events I have participated ever. I was one of the contestants who have to solve the 10 problems in order to join the International contest which will take place in USA this year. My team called (Show the way) and our goal was to solve 5 problems at least we were training for 4 months ago but in the end we passed with two problems which were bad for us and prevent us even from being ranking as the 13th winner team. Actually it wasn't regarding we don't have enough knowledge to solve more cause we trained so fine but it was all about the experience of participating. We enjoyed there by meeting a lot of competitors from different parts of our Arab world which heats up the passion to participate and compete more and more. They all joined with passion for winning but Egypt was the better due to its experience (4 years) :S. Hopefully I will do better in the next programming contests. I wished for my team to win the battle but defiantly we still need more experience about how to feel confidence in participating like these contests. Anyway I hope the next times will allow me to show them the programming creation that I hopefully have ;) .

I'm on the way to participate with the Imagine Cup 2006 contest will I have do much better to gain the experience and the Cup nothing is impossible if you did hard !!!.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What a great cool site for those who participating the ACM contest. It has an online judgment adding to that a huge number of interesting problems. Just try to see the online judgment and notice how efficient the accepted answers are. Furthermore notice how many solutions been submitted per minute.

Go and test your programming infra structure :D …

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bit-Shop ( Testing your 2.0 )

With the release of 2.0 (Beta 1, Beta 2, Final Release) a lot of web hosts that support NT/IIS running fast beyond bringing this new technology to their local servers for serving customers widely and efficiently with a new rock reliable solid hosting. Web hosts compete who will provide the technologies early in order to gain a lot of users who developing these new features. One of the web hosts is Bit Ship ( Business Internet Technology Shop ) which powered by Microsoft. Its servers support 2.0, ASP and Perl. Furthermore, it supports MS SQL Server 2005 (codename Youkon) and Access. It provides web mail and a lot of protecting techniques to prevent the spammers from reaching your box. You can have a FREE host with 50 mg if you need to try 2.0 which is good in order to shine this new release in the developers Market. I was looking for the free templates that Bit shop provide neither but still didn't discover it yet (I heard it's up to 400 templates but still not sure). If you are an 2.0 developer go ahead and upload your web application to test it online ;). Iam soOo longing for testing my web parts, give my site a culture customization, using master pages and a lot of amazing new features that 2.0 include. Go on Dude don't waste your time in the 1.1 traditional one the new generation is coming .

Friday, November 11, 2005


After a long journey, After they called me King , After I spent days full of thinking + caring+ adoring moments running to the shadow that killed me , now I returned back with empty hands losing the light that I was searching for along time ..

Promises, what promises!!! .. That Kingdom of Romantic which been built through the last three years evaporated in two days.. Why!! Don't ask me I still shocked ………………………… where is Faithfulness, it's all about how to live the moment not the whole life …

Even she left, I still keeping all the memories which living and growing up inside of me. Even she left, I still alive but not Smile Heart any more ……………….. Why she left!! Simply She is a girl…..

Good Luck my darling, Have a nice days with the kingdom that i built for Mr. Wolf!!!! …

Will i got Revenge ......... Iam older than burning a girl ...

Friday, November 04, 2005

Eid Mobaraaaaak ya 2amameeer :)

Walkoooooooo Kol 3aaaaaam Wentooooooooo b 2alf Hana w b5eeeeeer


Am fine thanks God , actually It was a good experience that I've tried with Bill Gates in the dead sea near by friends from different parts of Jordan . We were 32 students 16 of them sat on the round table which their Excellencies Khaled Touqan and Nadia Assa'adi ( Ya Allaaaah shu bet7eb te7ki heeek 7akooli bs el7amdolellah ma 7kat walaw 7ases-ha fahmani I duno :S ) , my luck were to set in the chair near by the chief software architect and Microsoft chairman Bill Gates. I Think I told you what I've been pushed to say last time . Anyway we come up with an agreement which been decided to be signed before all of that to move the Microsoft Preventative office to be Regional one and other agreements such as Laptop for Each student (they said it will cost 100$ :S), the main purpose for meeting resume of Jordan youth is to let him (Bill) focus on the passion that youth has in Jordan (wllahi fee passion bas kam el percent la tes2alooni :S) .. It was an amazing meeting enso ennu ma 9a7elna nakol mnee7 :P .. 3o2baalko w kolko deserve it aktar menni wallaaaa ..

Aham eshi halla2 et-hanno bel3eed elyoom w bokra wel yoom elli b3do ekbesooha drasi le2anno 2arrab el first .. Ba7ebkooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo J ..

By The way guys, shu rayko b seminar amoor nejteme3 fyo el esboo3 elli jaaaay ;) weykoon yoom eltolata J .

Gallery of our meeting will be downloaded enshallah on my Blog online ( …

Microsoft Attack !!!


أطلقت مايكروسوفت طلائع خدماتها على الويب ضمن مجموعة تطبيقات حية لترد على غوغل بموقع لايف التجريبي الذي يعتمد على الإعلانات


وتتألف الحزمة من موقع الألعاب Xbox Live وموقع أدوات ويندوز Windows Live و أوفيس باسم Office Live. و
وبينما يعد موقع الألعاب قديما نوعا ما فإن الموقعين الآخرين هما خدمات جديدة تتلخص في تقديم صفحات قابلة للتخصيص
personalized حسب رغبة المستخدم ليجمع بين قراءة البري والأخبار وساعة مع توقيت وبرنامج دردشة وأدوات مسح الفيروسات. وتكتسح الإنترنت حاليا موجة لخدمات والتطبيقات التي تبشر بما يعرف بجيل الإنترنت الثاني ويب 2 واليت تقدم قدرات لنشر المدونات والتعاملات الاجتماعية والتي تمتد لتتصل بالهاتف الجوال.
أما أوفيس لايف
Office Live فهو يستهدف الشركات الصغيرة بتقديم خدمات استضافة للمواقع وأدوات عمل جماعي بأدوات أوفيس ولا يحتاج المستخدم لبرامج أوفيس أو إنترنت إكسبلورر تحديدا للعمل بهذه المواقع والخدمات فيها.

Microsoft Plays Catch-up on Services

Source :,aid,123382,00.asp

Analysis: Live Software Strategy aims at strong Google, Yahoo portals but could drain MSN.

Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service

Thursday, November 03, 2005

SAN FRANCISCO -- Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates touted Microsoft's new Live Software strategy as a "revolution" in how the industry views software. But Microsoft's plan to provide a series of Web-based services branded with the names of popular Microsoft products is more an evolution of Microsoft's software as a service strategy--and an effort to catch up to current industry trends--than a move that will redefine the entire industry, analysts said.

The way it was presented Tuesday here, Live Software is a multifaceted plan that shows Microsoft making several moves. First, the company proved it understands the need to clarify its long-neglected software-as-a-service-strategy as many companies, including rival Google, are backing the trend in an attempt to rival Microsoft's dominance in desktop applications.

With its Windows Live and Office Live offerings, the company is giving its customers a taste of what is to come when it brings all of its software online sometime in the future, even if that plan is 15 years away, said Rob Enderle, principal analyst for the research firm Enderle Group in San Jose.

"This is Microsoft moving toward offering [all of its] software as a service," Enderle said. "Microsoft will ease into it because they don't want to give up the product revenue before the services revenue can ramp up."

Stoking the Portal Wars

Windows Live--which lets users build a personalized Web portal that includes e-mail, a new instant messaging client with collaborative functions and ways to sort and maintain contact information, and enhanced local and Internet search technology--also shows Microsoft playing catch-up to Yahoo. Microsoft's take on a comprehensive portal is reminiscent of MyYahoo, where users can access Web-based services that meet both consumer and business needs. Google also gives its users the option of personalizing its home page with things such as news headlines, weather information and stock quotes.

One thing Microsoft has over its competitors, however, is that Windows Live lets users add local content and Web services from their PCs to their personal start page, which provides more flexibility and value, said Van Baker, a research vice president at Gartner. "That's pretty compelling technology," he said. "That will be harder for Yahoo and Google to do because they don't have access to the innerworkings of the OS like Microsoft."

This kind of tie-in of online services and the OS shows that Microsoft is no longer going to be shy about using its most bankable product, Windows, to promote its online services in an effort to outsmart Google and other Web services companies, said Rob Helm, director of research for Directions on Microsoft.

"Microsoft never used Windows to drive business to online services," he said. "This announcement is a signal that they might be willing to rethink that and hook software more into online services."

Windows Live also calls into question the fate of Microsoft's MSN portal. Microsoft executives said that while MSN will continue to exist as a portal, current users of Hotmail and MSN e-mail services will eventually be required to transition to the e-mail service offered by Windows Live, now available in beta.

Good-Bye, MSN?

Analysts believe the overlap between what Windows Live will offer and what the MSN portal currently offers is great enough that Windows Live eventually will, for all intents and purposes, replace MSN as the portal for Microsoft's Web-based services.

"My sense is that the development and marketing effort [of MSN] will go into Windows Live," Helm said. "The MSN brand will stick around but it seems like the machines, the people and the services will be there, but more and more of them will be called Windows Live."

"MSN starts looking redundant to me as Windows Live starts evolving," Enderle agreed. "I cana??t see why youa??d need both."

In addition to taking on Google with Web-based services, Microsoft also plans to try to beat the search company at its own game by winning more online advertising dollars through Windows Live and Office Live, and by adding its AdCenter advertising sales engine to a host of its products.

Microsoft currently has about 10 percent of the online advertising market. Google has done an impressive job at showing how much money can be made through online advertising, Microsoft Chief Technical Officer Ray Ozzie said at Tuesday's event.

Analyst Helm said Microsoft may not expect to make a ton of revenue itself through online advertising, but by going after those dollars, the software company might keep Google from growing.

"Even if Microsoft cana??t make money, the plan may well be able to keep Google away from the resources it needs to expand," he said. This may well be a difficult endeavor, however, as even Ozzie acknowledged Tuesday that plenty of money can be made in online advertising, a market that is projected to grow to $150 billion by 2050.

Critical of Debut

Analysts noted that while Microsoft's Live Software plan is ambitious, the company's presentation of its new strategy Tuesday left much to be desired. Microsoft tried to cover too much ground in one event, they said, and the announcement of Live Software seemed hurried, as if the company was trying to quiet critics who wondered what Microsoft had up its sleeve to compete with the wildly successful Google.

Errors also plagued event logistics. The event ran considerably over its planned two hours, and several product demos failed initially, leaving Ozzie to awkwardly fill dead air time while engineers corrected technical difficulties.

"It was Ray Ozziea??s coming out party and it wasna??t a good one," Enderle said of the performance. "Ray really stumbled a lot. ...It was one of the most poorly executed events I've seen Microsoft do in years."

Microsoft likely won't be as ill-prepared when it comes to executing on its hosted software strategy over the next several years, something that analysts think will pick up in earnest after the launch of Windows Vista at the end of 2006.

But it remains to be seen exactly how far the company will go with its software as a service strategy, analysts said. Another thing made evident by Microsoft's tarnished performance Tuesday is that even company executives may be unsure how long it will take to move customers, and the industry itself, from packaged software to Live Software.

Google opens doors to virtual library

Google Inc. marked an important step in the history of recorded information Thursday by opening up the first virtual library on the Web.

Google said it's making available the first large collection of public books via Google Print. The books range from U.S. Civil War history texts to government documents. The digitized books are not subject to copyright laws because they were never bound by these laws or copyright law has expired. All books published prior to 1923 are considered to be in the public domain.

'It's no surprise that this idea makes some publishers nervous, even though they can easily remove their books from the program at any time.' David Drummond, Google

Google has been working with partner libraries at the University of Michigan; Stanford, Harvard and Oxford universities; plus the New York Public Library since announcing last fall that it planned to digitize the world's libraries.

But since that dramatic revelation the Google Print project has come under scrutiny from publishers who have argued it would infringe copyright law. The Association of American Publishers and the Authors' Guild have filed separate lawsuits against Google.

Google has contended that it has a legal right to scan the books under the fair-use clause of the Copyright Act.

For books bound by copyright law, Google only provides "snippets" unless a publisher or copyright holder provides express permission to show more.

On Oct. 19, David Drummond, a Google vice president and general counsel, outlined the company's stance in an e-mail:

"It's no surprise that this idea makes some publishers nervous, even though they can easily remove their books from the program at any time," he wrote. "The history of technology is replete with advances that first met wide opposition, later found wide acceptance, and finally were widely regarded as having been inevitable all along.

"In 1982, for instance, the president of the Motion Picture Association of America famously told a Congressional panel that 'the VCR is to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston Strangler is to the woman home alone.' But Sony, makers of the original Betamax, stood its ground, the Supreme Court ruled that copying a TV show to watch it later was legal, and today videotapes and DVDs produce the lion's share of the film industry's revenue."


Sunday, October 30, 2005

MS finally releases VS2005 and SqlServer 2005

Quoted From " "

28 October 2005

Microsoft finally releases Visual Studio and SQL Server 2005

By Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG News Service

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 to manufacturers in time for the official launch on 7 November.

It will also release a Community Technology Preview (CTP) of BizTalk Server 2006 very soon. In a blog by Microsoft developer division VP, S. Somasegar, revealed the products would be provided to MSDN subscribers late yesterday.

"This is by far the best Visual Studio and .NET Framework release that we have ever done," Somasegar gushed. "I also want to take this opportunity to thank the community and early adopter customers for their incredible help and invaluable contributions in helping us ship the right product."

Developers have been waiting for Visual Studio 2005, formerly codenamed Whidbey, for some time. Microsoft originally planned to release it in spring 2004.

SQL Server 2005, formerly codenamed Yukon, also has been the victim of Microsoft delays that frustrated customers and developers.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Today With Bill Gates on The Same Round Table !!

Today iam gonna be with Bill Gates on the same table …

We were preparing for this even since 4 days and hopefully it will succeed , I worked there with friends ( Sultan Al-Shorafi, Malik Shishtawi , Ghaith ,oday,Ahmed Khatib and Yazan Shboul ) ..

I've got a good communication skills experience with others and it was an amazing focus group that we shared.. we separated into three round tables each one with a unique timeline – one act the present time and the other act the future , in the middle there is Transformation table which translates people from the present into the future J

Will we come out with giving opportunity to set in the future table where Bill will join and by saying this sentence in front of Him imagining how Microsoft Office 31 will be in the Future?

"I can't imagine how could people live without Microsoft Office 31 that has Microsoft PowerView (instead of Microsoft Tradition PowerPoint) which uses Though to Text Technology (TTT) that translates all your thoughts into an amazing virtual presentation, today we heavily using Microsoft E-Teller that reads your documents into an amazing interactive show combining all the related images and videos using Microsoft Data Center Search Engine ".. Btw this is what I imagined about the new world of technology and I think it will closely happened.

I Think it's gonna be wonderful show ;) .. aham eshi el akeeeeeeeeeeeel elli 7naaaklooo J ..

Monday, October 24, 2005

Microsoft says it knows how to compete with Google

Look Out this meeting video with Steve Ballmer:

::. I do believe that there is a lot of innovation Steve but we need to see fast development in this field, what are the search tools that Microsoft has developed which compete directly with Google ?? we looking for more tools and more relevance results.

:: Look out how "Definition, Sample Books, Maps, News Alerts, and a lot more with Google Search filtering tools" Where is Yours ??!

:: I Liked this " except the cancer cure people would say Google does :D " .

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Iam Gonna Meet Bill Gates in Jordan !!

Bill Gates in Jordan @ 26th from this month,

He will join Students for Iftar including Microsoft .NET Clubs champs in Jordan for this year . So, I've been invited with Champs of other Universities to Join Him with King Abdullah and Queen Rania in the same round table as they said. Tomorrow they gonna arrange a planning session on the way to arrange this. Iam still shocked but Thanks God to give me this opportunity and still not convenient if they gonna give me the approval to talk about my visions and saying what i really want to deliver.

One of the surprises that appeared suddenly is " We are inviting you to be one the of members who will join King Abdullah , Queen Rania and Bill Gates on the round table for Iftar" .. In The Beginning it sounds amazing but next two hours I start thinking WHAT IS THE FEED BACK WILL BE ? then I told my Self My Lord iam with the chairman of the biggest Giant leading Software Company in the world , still confused is it supposed to mean that they gonna looking for that initiative iam trying to build in me ? Are they will be concerned to know what is the disaster which faces the new generation regarding to the old Knowledge which most of Doctors in Universities of Jordan driving and how much we are hurtful from negligence the creative students .. Will they hear our needs carefully .. I Wish this chance which rarely to happen twice will pushed all the .NET CLUBS upppp … GoOoOoOoOooOD LuCk Champsss …


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Brief Introduction About Sharepoint Portal Server ..

I Guess most of the giant web application companies are now moving to use ready content management tools rather than going for creating their own .. one of the really interesting ready to be customized portals is SharePoint Server which provide a Portal with search engines , online design and central administrator customized depends on the SharePoint Services .. Enjoy the article ;)


Check this interesting Link :


Regards ,

Mohammed Zayed

Microsoft, Yahoo Will Let Users Exchange Messages

Microsoft, Yahoo Will Let Users Exchange Messages (Update1)  ListenListen

Oct. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo! Inc. will let their users instant message each other for the first time, challenging America Online Inc.'s dominance of Internet messaging.

Under the agreement, Microsoft's MSN Messenger users will be able to exchange messages over the Internet with Yahoo Messenger subscribers starting in the second quarter of 2006, the companies said today in a statement.

The alliance may help Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft, whose MSN is the third-ranking search engine, stem defections to Google Inc., ranked No. 1, and Yahoo, ranked second. Microsoft and Yahoo are trying to fend off a threat from Google, which began a messaging service in August. Combined, Yahoo and Microsoft will have 49.2 million U.S. message users compared with AOL's 51.5 million.

``This alliance is a defensive move and likely a reaction to the current market share dynamics in which Google continues to gain market share,'' J.P. Morgan analyst Imran Khan in New York wrote in a report today. ``This alliance could aid user retention efforts at Yahoo and Microsoft.''

Microsoft and Yahoo users will also be able to make telephone calls to each other using their computers, Yahoo Chief Operating Officer Dan Rosensweig said today on a conference call.

Shares of Microsoft, the world's largest software maker, rose 8 cents to $24.49 at 11:38 a.m. in Nasdaq Stock Market composite trading. They had fallen 8.6 percent this year before today. Sunnyvale, California-based Yahoo rose 48 cents to $34.58. Google fell $1.48 to $304.62. AOL parent Time Warner Inc. dropped 2 cents to $17.78.

`In the Cold'

Yahoo messaging had 21.9 million U.S. users in September and Microsoft had 27.3 million, according to Internet tracker Nielsen//NetRatings. ``It's a good move for both companies in trying to take on No. 1 America Online,'' said Matt Rosoff, an analyst at Kirkland, Washington-based research firm Directions on Microsoft. ``AOL is way ahead in terms of subscriber numbers.''

Internet users have previously been required to download several instant messaging tools to chat with friends that use different software.

``This increases the utility and value of the Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger,'' said Charlene Li, an analyst with Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Forrester Research Inc. ``Google Talk and AOL are left out in the cold.''

Compatibility Sought

Microsoft already offers software called Live Communications Server that lets corporate users of Microsoft, Yahoo, and AOL software communicate with each other. Other software, such as Cerulean Studios' Trillian, lets users exchange messages with Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo subscribers.

Mountain View, California-based Google, whose software also lets users place phone calls to each other, is also seeking to make instant messaging programs compatible. Google Talk users can currently talk to people using software including Apple Computer Inc.'s iChat and Trillian.

There may be less incentive for Yahoo and Microsoft to open up their systems to Google because Google currently has fewer users, Forrester's Li said.

Google spokeswoman Eileen Rodriguez said she didn't have an immediate comment. AOL spokeswoman Krista Thomas didn't return a call seeking comment.


To contact the reporter on this story:

Jonathan Thaw in San Francisco at

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


So am learning and training to join the contest within 49 days .. my vision depends in God destiny if it will be to go back with the tickets not to Kuwait but to America if we won upon the Middle East and Africa regions . It needs Practice and Practice and Practice …..

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


السلام عليكم


إلى كل غال في نفسي 


 أهدي أسمى معان المباركة بحلول هذا الشهر الفضيل وأسأل الله لمن هم عندي أغلى الدرر أن يحفظهم ويجعل الفلاح هو طريقهم وأدعو الرحمن أن يغفر لهم ولمن فقدوه وأن يغسل قلوبهم بماء الفرج ويجعلهم من الفائزين برضوانه


 لا تنسوني من صالح دعائكم بأن يفرج الله همي وأن يجمعني وإياكم في جنات النعيم 


 رحم الله أمتي وأثلج حرقتي و عفى عن أخواتي و إخوتي





والسلام عليكم



Regards ,


Mohammed Zayed

Web Developer

Al-Zaytoonah Uni. .NET Club Champ

Amman - Jordan

TeleFax : +962 (5) 3866357

Mobile  : +962 (79) 6922881


Tuesday, September 27, 2005


School Technology Innovation Center at Queen Rania for IT Building


Iam working there on a project called E-Learning Gateway using :

1-     MS Sharepoint Server.

2-     MS Class Server.

3-     MS ISA Server.

4-     MS Live Communication Server.

5-     MS SQL Server 2000.

6-     MS Exchange + Active Directory .


So the project is an introduction to be familiar with those huge products in the way to start working on a project for the same center and for the IT village soon. I like the content management and the customization in the Sharepoint portal , also I became interested in working with the web parts , seems we will produce something great out there since I am working with a qualified project manager but not that qualified team L . Anyways , Iam gonna produce a documentation about what I've learned there.



I Liked The Song Lyrics ,


I close my eyes

Then I drift away

Into the magic night

I softly sway

Oh smile and pray

Like dreamers do

Then I fall asleep

To dream my dreams of you


In dreams...I walk with you

In dreams...I talk to you

In dreams...Your mine


All of the time

We're together

In dreams...In dreams


But just before the dawn

I awake and find you gone

I can't help it...I can't help it

If I cry

I remember

That you said goodbye

To end all these things

And I'll be happy in my dreams

Only in dreams

In beautiful dreams

Friday, August 19, 2005

Computer-Controlled Home Automation


One of The Interesting(damn) Shows for the week :

Using X10 Hardware , Computer-Controlled Home Automation :


I was on the way to start building this project , but some was faster than me . I've drawn my plan and provide it , after I got the approval and supports I notice this while I was checking Microsoft home page today


Regards ,


Mohammed Zayed

Web Developer

Al-Zaytoonah Uni. .NET Club Champ

Amman - Jordan

TeleFax : +962 (5) 3866357

Mobile  : +962 (79) 6922881