Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Each Day iam trying to be better than the one before , each day iam trying to force many doors and see what is the most best of the best which i can have and hold in my brain .. days going on and i need passion , i really do ..

Today i've learned the way to control my Articles in my website , it seems so easy opening a data base and checking in your sql statement some records , put them intoi table using for loop and having some buttons to update them ..

I did something nice linked with the content managment ,
All the Articles cames and saved inside a data base contain from two table --- > { Articles , Comments } and only accepted articles appears .. iam still using MS Accese as a sample and simple data base ..

Iam Using ASP as a web tool to retrive data and update them via ADO .. i have to learn ADO.Net and soon i will enshallah ..

I Duno but is there any editor can short the term , ?
Anyway my new Project is http://zayclub.somee.com

God Succes me in what am doing ,
Mohammed 7:30 PM

Saturday, April 09, 2005

My First Post

Today i've made my blog finnaly , iam happy and thanx Rami Arafat for this sevice am not gonna forget .. well am glad so glad to post those my moments and to keep them here .. mmm, i've alot of work to do but at least i did sth so important to me is this , don`t worry am not gonna be era :P .. God keeps me awake .. God help me to be straight to join the faithfulls in his paradise ..

God Bless all my friends , all people i love ,
God Keeps you mine honey ................. 4ever

Mohammed Zayed