Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Each Day iam trying to be better than the one before , each day iam trying to force many doors and see what is the most best of the best which i can have and hold in my brain .. days going on and i need passion , i really do ..

Today i've learned the way to control my Articles in my website , it seems so easy opening a data base and checking in your sql statement some records , put them intoi table using for loop and having some buttons to update them ..

I did something nice linked with the content managment ,
All the Articles cames and saved inside a data base contain from two table --- > { Articles , Comments } and only accepted articles appears .. iam still using MS Accese as a sample and simple data base ..

Iam Using ASP as a web tool to retrive data and update them via ADO .. i have to learn ADO.Net and soon i will enshallah ..

I Duno but is there any editor can short the term , ?
Anyway my new Project is http://zayclub.somee.com

God Succes me in what am doing ,
Mohammed 7:30 PM

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