Friday, July 29, 2005

My Graphic Tasks ,


Yesterday it was my Second Exam about The Graphic Material How Much I hate my self when I don't answer the question correctly , I forgot the equation about Change your Point from the Window Port to View Port :


                        Wx – Wxmin / Wymax  - Wymin = Vx – Vxmax / Vy – Vymin


So I have lost my 5ive marks which means 1.8 Degree from semester my percent .  Alhamdolellah . Today I have to finish my task in this Material , I have to build an application present the way of how the screen refresh the animation pictures , so what Iam Gonna do is Having A Black Background and draw some lines ( Red Lines ) , then after at most 100 milliseconds  refresh the screen by drawing the black background again and do your transformation then draw the Lines Again ,

Next Task is to build another Application indicates how to build your Graphics using the General Algorithms , am gonna draw a vehicle which is a Semi Car actually by Using ( BresenHam's Algorithm + Mid Point Algorithm ) ..

My Next Task is on 3DMAX , i have to provide and present my final project in this material in Sunday morning . I Thought to direct it on building semi city and have streets let the camera walk through it .. Iam Gonna catch some pictures and show them here for memory  ,


So I Have to finish my tasks ASAP .. today before 2morrow …


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Anonymous said...

You you dont have to hate yourself becuase you didnt answer the questions,exams and marks means nothing.
I think you sould hate your doctor