Monday, August 15, 2005

Remote Access System Project

So I have noticed the evolution in the Mobile devices been walk an amazing steps forward .. today one of the amazing and interesting things I was watching over the channel 9 is Window Mobile 5.0 . I have to hurry up in building my project which is Remote Access System using the GPRS or BLUETOOTH . Microsoft produced a component specialist in making the Remote Access easier than ever before . They create an application gives the opportunity to Access your mobile device remotely and securely and retrieve some information out there over a secure line using the GPRS or BLUETOOTH . one of the examples for the show is in case you lost your mobile what do you need ? , so they built an administrating panel in their new API gives you semi fully remote controlling to your mobile and the amazing secure point is backup the data then terminating them and LOCK the SD card  ..


My Project is not to access your mobile actually , but is how to let your mobile access your system independent what it is Mobile or PC Machine  and set in the command-line an order to be executed such as change the System Password , Shut down , etc .. . I am designing the algorithms already and soon to be implemented . Btw for the interesting show you can download the new Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK from the MSDN website and enjoy the new creative Generation .

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