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Schedule MOSS 2007 Backup and Restore Operations

This is an awesome Article on how to schedule to your Daily MOSS Backups using task scheduler. Articles include snapshots, scripts and valuable tips for doing this job.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Hey, Don't ever let somebody tell you "you can't do somthing" not even me .. alright .. YOU got a DREAM you have to protect it .. people can do something them selves but they will tell you can't do it .. You wanna something go get it ...

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See this awesome AD for this game ;)

Gosh i like XBOX 360 ads :)

Deploy Software Updated for WSS/MOSS

Installing update (hotfixes, public updates, service packs) for WSS and MOSS can be a challenging tasks. Especially as a rollback in case that a problem occurs can be very expensive as it requires the restore of a backup as uninstall of hotfixes or service packs is not possible.

To help administrators plan such a task Microsoft has now published specific documentation:

Sizing and Configurable Tool by HP

Quoted from MS Sharepoint Products and Technologies TEAM Blog

The HP ProLiant Sizer for Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 is a downloadable tool (includes update notification) that assists the user in selecting the optimum HP ProLiant Server, HP BladeSystem and HP Storage configuration for collaboration and document management environments based on user requirements. The tool solicits data or uses built-in defaults to determine the optimum solution, based on the Office SharePoint Server 2007 best-practice configurations and supported growth paths.

The zip contains an executable. Run that and answer a few questions about where to install the tool. The install procedure will first install the SharePoint 2007 sizer, and then the (required) StorageWorks (SAN) sizer which allows the MOSS sizer to generate detailed storage solutions. Once installed, run the SharePoint sizer - that's it.

The sizer includes quick configuration and allows you to do "what if" scenarios. This release includes support for the DL, p-class, c-class, storage, and the latest dual and quad core servers!

Would love to hear your feedback on this tool. Thanks HP, especially Jimi Ibbett from the HP Engineering team for such a useful tool to help customers with their deployments!

You can download this free tool by going to the SharePoint Active Answers page on the right hand side under Sizers and clicking on "Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Sizing and Configuration Tool" and logging in. (You will need to create a free account if you haven't.)


Don’t Try at Excel 850 * 77.1 since am still not sure of the result yet :S

While I was reading my subscribed RSS feeds I found this discussion:

I will update you with Microsoft Answer soon I get it.

Containment Hierarchy for MOSS

Hotfixes , Service Packs and Password Reset for MOSS

Quoted from Joel Blog

Some great content has recently been pushed out to TechNet and in the KBs. While we haven't announced the timing for SP1, you may have heard some customers have been beta testing it and internal testing that's been going on. There was also a post on the team blog around the DST fix with updates to the time tables which impact most of the world.

TechNet Articles related to updates (hotfixes and service packs)

Deploy software updates for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Deploy software updates for Office SharePoint Server 2007

Check for Updates

Microsoft Update (also known as Windows Update) - This will check core Microsoft products including Windows, .NET Framework, etc...

Office Update - Check to see if you need any updates. Note this works with Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 servers to check for Office SharePoint Server and SharePoint Portal Server updates as well as Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Team Services Updates.

"The Office Update service is maintained to support previous versions of Microsoft Office and for compatibility with older operating systems. Microsoft Windows Vista users can now get all Office XP, Office 2003, and 2007 Office system updates via the Microsoft Update service. For Windows Vista users using Office 2000, you can manually download updates from Downloads on Office Online." Vista itself has a special page for updates. You will be redirected there automatically.

Latest Hotfix/Rollup

Update for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (KB941422) (includes latest hotfixes, including the DST (daylight savings time zones) The XML file will allow it to be much more easily managed and changed if necessary for future time zone changes.) Note: This applies to MOSS 2007 standard and enterprise editions as well.

KB 888253 How to configure time zone information in Windows SharePoint Services by modifying the Timezone.xml file

KB 941422 Description of the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Hotfix package: August 24, 2007

This package includes the following:

  • Fix to address a problem with Timer Jobs failing to run in the US daylight saving time (DST) change window beginning October 28th, KB 938663.
  • Non-DST related fixes for volume shadow copy writer service, KB 935605.
    A fix to address database creation failures after Internal Database Engine SP 2 is applied to Basic installations.
  • Other top support issue fixes including KB 937038 where configuring Inherit Permissions causes HTTP 500 - Internal server error.
  • A primary fix for 941422 expands the capabilities of SharePoint such that TZMOVE can address future Time Zone changes in SharePoint timezone.xml for US or international Time Zones, KB 939809.

Some may ask what happens if there is a critical hotfix for WSS? Since it is in Windows it would be available via Windows Update. If the server was set to auto update it would be auto applied. For this reason I would recommend being notified when an update was available in a smaller shop that isn't tracking these, but in no circumstances would I recommend auto applying the hotfixes. There are just too many chances that the box would want to reboot and when it came back up, all the services may not come back online, not as a result of the hotfix, but some environments require an F1 to initialize a disk array or various things like this. I have applied hotfixes and service packs in the past that installed some of the binaries but as a result of something being in use, it was not able to be fully applied until after the reboot which then didn't get a chance to apply changes to the database. Most hotfixes maybe even all won't make changes to the schema, and may simply be binary updates. Service packs and some hotfixes may need to increment the version in the config and content databases or other databases and having the database listed version different than the binary versions can cause problems.

One of the more common requests I've seen around downtime and trying to recover is related to passwords. Either someone who built out the farm and used their account left the company, or someone lost the password and everyone is afraid for the SharePoint environment... you get the picture. Password resets is much, much easier in this version. I think you'd be suprised how many times you find out that something went bad a while back and only resetting the services exposes it. Here's an excellent KB with usage on the commands with examples for resetting the service accounts, crawl accounts, db connection passwords, etc...

How to Change Service Accounts and Passwords in MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0 KB 934383 (September 21, 2007)

Note the above steps include changing it once in on one server via the command line and leveraging timer jobs to change it across the farm. Be sure to verify. Very cool. It also includes syntax for changing passwords on the SSP, and search/content access account.

Live Folder Share

Windows Live FolderShare is a great, easy way to keep your files synced between multiple devices. With FolderShare, you create a private peer-to-peer network that syncs your files and lets you share them with colleges and friends. You no longer need to worry whether your files, photos, or videos are on your home PC, your laptop, or your work computer. FolderShare keeps them all in sync, letting you access them from any computer set up with FolderShare or any web browser - even the browser on your mobile device! Files can be up to 2 GB in size, there are no limits on the quantity or size of files transferred, and all file formats are supported.

The software's sharing feature is an easy way to send others large files - no more trying to zip files to get them through email, burning to CD/DVD, or uploading to a website. To use FolderShare, you must download and install the FolderShare Satellite - the software that is installed on the device(s) you want to sync or share files with. This software runs in the background and automatically updates your files on the other connected devices. The software, part of Windows Live Services, works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or OSX and it's completely free! FolderShare can be downloaded here.

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CERTEON, S-Series for MOSS 2007

I was reading about CERTEON through Microsoft SharePoint Performance discussions until I found what S-Series Accelerator is doing in order to enhance MOSS performance and optimize data transaction process and speed.

Read this pdf

Quoted from Sheet:

Certeon S-Series™ are network devices that

accelerate the document flow between centralized

Microsoft® Office™ System applications such as

Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, InfoPath®, and Publisher®

and SharePoint® server farms by minimizing network

traffic, decreasing packet turn around times, and

reducing application chattiness. The result is a

breakthrough in response time and scalability

performance levels.

Certeon's Application Acceleration Blueprints™

enable high acceleration through an understanding

of underlying protocols, data object differences,

and Microsoft® Office™ System features such as

the XML-based file formats for PowerPoint, Word,

and Excel. The Application Acceleration Blueprints™

deploy data object differencing through an Object

Differencing Engine (ODE), which accurately identifies

prior views of these data objects.The greater the

accuracy of identification, the more efficient the differencing,

and therefore the better the acceleration.

Furthermore, SharePoint® employs different techniques

to pass arguments and data objects between

the server and each Office® application. With its

application fluency, Certeon's S-Series™ understands

how these elements are used and thus can make a

more accurate identification of these data objects.

Customers will be able to utilize these new upgrades

to 2007 Microsoft® Office™ System and Microsoft®

SharePoint® Products and Technologies without

sacrificing application performance over a WAN.



Certeon's S-Series™ accelerates the full range of

protocols and file system formats employed by the

2007 Microsoft® Office™ System and Microsoft Office

SharePoint Server (MOSS). Certeon's Application

Acceleration Blueprints™ securely accelerate access

to the new Office™ Open XML documents (including

.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) and dynamically generated MOSS

Web pages.


In Jordan, Beat is one of Certeon's certified partners who provide a full range of deployment for MS Partners and Customers who uses SharePoint, K2.NET and other office system applications. I met Mr. Muhab (Beat CEO) who has emphasized the productivity and customer feedback satisfaction for this awesome accelerator for MOSS.

I'm reading Tolly Group Test case, upon results I will recommend S-Series for partners and customers who runs MOSS on different branches or different remote front-ends.

Microsoft Fires Volley At Google in Ad Battle

This is a rich article to read, "Microsoft Seeks Facebook Stake"

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MOSS Technical Articles

How to Create a SharePoint Server 2007 Custom Master Page and Page Layouts for a Web Content Management Site

How to Optimize a SharePoint Server 2007 Web Content Management Site for Performance

MOSS Workflow Issue

Quoted from

In every presentation with clients about MS Workflow , they asked me the same question, What is the time for Workflow to stay active on Docs or Lists ? .. The fact is I don't have no answer unless to avoid by it handles long running workflow states. I'm afraid to convince them with 60 day number since I believe myself 60 day is not enough. Below one of the argues about the same issue.

" There is a problem with the workflow in MOSS. For some reason Microsoft decided that they need to purge the workflow associations after they are 60 days old. This means that when you looks at the workflow history for an item you will not see workflow history older than 60 days. The information about the workflow is still in the tasks and workflow history lists, but the association between the workflow and the item has been purged from the database. I know of some people who have already contacted Microsoft about this problem and created support cases for it. The answer they keep getting is that it is by design for performance reasons. What about auditing reasons Microsoft, don't you think this will be a huge issue for enterprise clients?

My question is how many clients out there are using this for important business processes thinking their audits will be covered? If you are a Microsoft support customer and are using workflow for important business process that will be audited. PLEASE CALL THEM AND COMPLAIN!!! The only way it seems that Microsoft will move on this is if they get a large enough response from the community. Obviously a couple large enterprise companies (50,000+ employees) aren't enough to concern them.

Below are some details of the issue and some correspondence with Microsoft support...

  • Document losing their "approval workflow details" after 60 days.
  • Workflow details still on site, but no longer associated to respective documents.
  • Issue identified by Microsoft and not listed as a bug as originally told – this expiration of 60 days is something that was done purposely - "by-design".
  • MS provided code that will allow us to extend the document/workflow history relationship past 60 days. (code needs to run everyday to change new associations)
  • Testing has not been done by Microsoft for the provided solution.

Here is a list of findings and concerns on this situation:

  • FINDING - A table that contains associations between workflow details and documents contain this expiration date of 60 days.
  • FINDING - This field can be changed, on a site basis, to a maximum of 9999 days – 27 years or so… at least according to Microsoft (untested as of yet).
  • PROBLEM – If code works successfully, it will have to be ran constantly. This must be done as new workflows are completed on documents or risk losing the associations after 60 days.
  • PROBLEM – This impacts all sites in a content database as they will all use this association table. I foresee a problem with maintaining separate expiration times for different sites. This will now become the responsibility of the operations group to maintain, based the respective customer. If it doesn't retain this permanently or semi-permanently, then this should be a setting that is configurable at a site or library level, providing the customer the ability to set the expiration period.
  • CONCERN – From audit perspective, Sarbanes or other, this is totally unacceptable. NO WARNING to indicate that critical detailed information will be disassociated with its counterpart document after 60 days. Unwary users could be audited 12 months after a document went thru a workflow approval and be none the wiser that their document actually was approved and their workflow history was "cleaned" 10 months earlier…
  • CONCERN – One of the biggest selling points for MOSS was the ability to have enhanced workflow on your documents. Almost any company is going to be negatively impacted by this "feature". Not only financial or healthcare companies, but any financial department within a company is going to be impacted if they use this feature in MOSS. I can't question the DOD5015 compliance as I do not know if proof of approval history is a requirement. If it is, it certainly is not DOD5015 compliant. "


The CAML.NET .NET framework documentation is now available online in the same format used for the MSDN docs at . This documentation set describes all of the CAML.NET .NET static methods as well as the ICamlQuery Read More......(read more)

Microsoft Secure Content Downloader

Recently, Microsoft released a new downloading technology that sounds very similar to bittorrent. The technology, called Microsoft Secure Content Downloader (MSCD), is touted as "a peer-assisted download manager" that's capable of securely downloading specific files. MSCD is intended for consumers who are downloading from a home PC or business users whose computers are not behind a corporate firewall. The main feature of the technology is its peer-assisted nature. Each client downloads content by exchanging parts of the file they're interested in with other clients, in addition to downloading parts from a content server. This makes MSCD sound like a hybrid of peer-to-peer and server-based downloading, which would allow for greater performance without having to worry whether or not enough people are currently sharing the file you need.

Another feature of this new technology is the secure content description, meaning that it ensures that the content you download is exactly what the publisher created. MSCD is currently a Community Technology Preview, and will only allow you to obtain Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2. A Community Technology Preview means that information related to MSCD's performance and network transactions, including your machine name and IP addresses, may be logged to help evaluate and improve MSCD performance.


Switcher is free utility for Windows Vista (running Aero) that lets you arrange the windows on your screen in different ways. The default view is the "tile view," which arranges the windows so that you can see all of them, even across multiple monitors. Another view, called the "dock view" magnifies one window and arranges the rest along the side. There is also a grid view, which is a good one to use if you are also going to use the number shortcuts for the windows (the first 9 windows can be activated by pressing the respective number on the keyboard).

Your desktop can be treated as a window, too. In this new version of Switcher, the windows now have a customizable background color, border, and a label which can display any of the following: the filename of the application, window icon, the number shortcut, the memory used in megabytes, the process name and the window title. Other new features include filters to help you narrow down the windows that appear, the ability to close windows during a session, smoother animations, and additional keyboard shortcuts. To learn more about Switcher, check out Bao's Blog. To download the program, visit the Switcher website here.

Foxit PDF IFilter

The Foxit PDF IFilter is "designed to help users to index a large amount of PDF documents & then quickly find text within these documents." Whether files, email attachments or database records, Foxit PDF IFilter helps you find the text you are looking for. The tools supports the following Microsoft products: Windows Indexing Service, MSN Desktop Search, Internet Information Server, SharePoint Portal Server, Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), Site Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server and all other products based on Microsoft Search technology. If you download this to use with Vista's built-in search, you will need to rebuild the search index. To do this, open the Indexing Options dialog box from Control Panel, click the Advanced button, and then click "Rebuild." Thanks to Ed Bott's blog for this great tip!


The highly anticipated Halo 3 release happens Monday at midnight. Here are a few cool Halo 3 links to get you more excited (if that is even possible) until you can play the blockbuster game:

  1. 1. First of all, if you haven't checked out the Halo 3 site, stop what you are doing, and go see it. Right now! The site, using Silverlight technology, is so cool that you don't even have to be a rabid Halo fanboy to appreciate it. Here, you can take a 360 degree tour of the Halo 3 world, taking custom screenshots along the way. The screenshots can then be used as wallpaper, posted to your blog or website.
  2. 2. If you're an XBox Live Silver member, visit the Best Buy website, where they are offering 3 days of free online gameplay using XBox Live Gold. You also might win a Pontiac G6 GXP with a custom Halo 3 paint job.
  3. Get some sweet Halo 3 action figures.
  4. Visit the Windows Mobile website to pick up some free Halo ringtones and wallpapers for your phone.
  5. Get a Halo 3 edition Zune. Besides having killer custom graphics & packaging, the Halo 3 Zune comes loaded with music, artwork, trailers, and videos from Halo, Halo 2, and Halo 3 as well as an exclusive episode of Red vs. Blue.
  6. Watch a live action short film based on the Halo franchise over on MSN.
  7. Stock up on Halo 3 Dew to fuel those first few days and nights where you will be calling in...cough..."sick" to work.
  8. XBox 360 Halo Edition. Yeah.
  9. Grab a Halo Covenant replica weapon or laser tag rifle.
  10. Pick up a Halo fan suit for the win (if you have a spare $20k.)


You can find the download link on Technet


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Robert Scoble , Almost 5000 Friends – Community Maniac with no Doubt

Hey this guy is amazing ……..

Have you heard of Robert Scoble's Friends .. He has more than 4987 .. I knew about his number of friends through <Lawrence /> . Gosh Amazing Number Scoble :S. Dude why I find you every where, you've been in Channel 9 , now at Podtech and i like your Scoble Show. You are the community guy Scoby.

Hey wanna know more about this Technology Maniac then check his awesome blog

Watch him out

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Will MS Become Facebook for the Enterprise ?

Quoted: <Lawrence /> Blog

This article with the same title has been making its rounds during the past 24 hours within the SharePoint community and has generated quite a bit of excitement because it highlights the planned deployment of a MOSS 2007-based social networking service over the next several months to about 110,000 employees of Wachovia, the 4th largest bank in the U.S.

We will be posting a series of blog entries very soon about how SharePoint Server 2007 can provide a significant portion of the answer to the question above. We will describe in detail how Microsoft is already using MOSS 2007 to enable Facebook like social networking functionality within our intranet, and what non-technical issues such as privacy, security, multilanguage, and diverse cultures had to be resolved. We will also disclose at the appropriate time how SharePoint vNext will provide the bulk of the answer to the "Facebook for the enterprise" question plus so much more from the perspective of Social Computing for Business.

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about how Web 2.0 applications for the enterprise can be built with today's Microsoft products and technologies such as Silverlight, ASP.NET AJAX, SharePoint, and Windows Communication Foundation, you should sign up for Microsoft ArcREADY "Web 2.0 and Beyond" sessions being presented at multiple cities.

LINQ IN JAVA – This time for real

"It's called Quaere (no idea what the name means), and it looks to be extremely similar in design to LINQ. However, it doesn't have the built in language syntactic sugar. What I find funny, is a response to this blog post suggests there's a "similar" library here: Yeah, that's similar all right. It parses strings, so doesn't have any of the type safety or intellisense support. So, once again, there are way too many developers out there who don't "get" LINQ."

Quoted: Channel 9

Online Banking with CardSpace

This demo shows how Windows CardSpace can be used for online banking, providing a more secure and streamlined experience for users (no username and password, strong authentication and phishing repellent).

The Wachovia website is built using Corillian's Voyager platform which includes support for information cards. Cards are issued by the bank to its users and the user authenticates via the card and an Arcot Systems' software-based smart card.

The demo was originally shown at the RSA Conference 2007.

VS 2008 CTP is coming !!

A new CTP of VS 2008 to be shipped this weekend, Stay tuned ?

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The Ultimate Steal

Start teaching Students how to have legal copies.

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SharePoint Events Manager

Project Description
Events Manager is a Feature for SharePoint that allows administrators to manage events attached to their site's lists and document libraries directly using their browser.



SharePoint Inspector

SharePoint Inspector is a free tool to browse your SharePoint 2007 farm.

When I talk about SharePoint 2007, I mean Windows SharePoint Services v3 (WSS v3) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS).

Its main purpose is to help SharePoint developer
You can see objects composing its structure, get their properties by reflection, which can be very useful when you want to check if your code does what it should do.
You can use also some advanced features like activate/deactivate SharePoint features, add/remove event receivers, manage your recycle bin.



  • Framework .NET 2.0
  • Windows SharePoint Services v3
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (optionnal)




Displays SharePoint objects with reflection on their properties :

  • Farm
  • Servers
  • Services
  • Feature Definitions
  • Solutions
  • Databases
  • Web Applications
  • Site collections
  • Websites
  • Content Types
  • Site Columns
  • Features
  • Lists
  • Associated Workflows
  • Event Receivers
  • Recycle Bin
  • ...

Actions :

  • Activate / Deactivate feature
  • Add / remove event receiver on list and content type
  • Manage Recycle bin

Accessibility Kit for SharePoint or AKS


About a month ago on July 31st, HiSoftware issued a press release, announcing an agreement with Microsoft to develop the Accessibility Kit for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007. The kit will provide templates, master pages, controls and Web parts along with technical documentation to advance the accessibility of MOSS based web sites and applications for people with disabilities, especially those who are vision impaired. All of the source code will be provided via the Microsoft Permissive License and will be available on CodePlex and/or another (more accessible) web site later this year for customers and other Microsoft partners to download, reuse, and extend. This e-mail provides more details about the announcement.


Microsoft has hired HiSoftware as a vendor to develop the Accessibility Kit for MOSS 2007, also known as Accessibility Kit for SharePoint or AKS. The decision was made primary based on HiSoftware's in-depth expertise and broad industry experience in providing tools and services for improving accessibility to the point of compliance with various standards and beyond. The contractual Statement of Work calls for HiSoftware to deliver a kit that can significantly reduce the time, knowledge, and effort required to implement a SharePoint-based web site that conforms to the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 Priority 1 and 2 checkpoints, which are collectively known as WCAG 1.0 AA. The AKS can also be used to address the exceptions that have been identified in the U.S. government's Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act's Voluntary Product Accessibility Template or VPAT documents for MOSS 2007. While most of our customers find the improvements in accessibility (more info at Office Online) over previous versions of SharePoint to be adequate for their needs, a growing number has asked us to provide even more.


The AKS is being developed as a set of building blocks rather than an end-to-end solution. We expect many SharePoint partners to take various pieces of the kit and integrate them into their respective product or service offerings while some customers will integrate particular components of the kit into their deployment processes. Furthermore, HiSoftware and Microsoft will jointly establish and nurture a community of SharePoint site designers and developers that's focused on accessibility advancement and standards compliance.

To ensure optimal prioritization and completeness of features and documentation, the AKS project team is planning to work with a small group of partners and customers in a private beta program that will kick off within the next couple of weeks. If you are very seriously interested, please contact Dana Simberkoff, VP of Business Development at HiSoftware, but be forewarned that the acceptance criteria will be quite stringent due to the aggressive timeline of the deliverables described below.


These deliverables were established based on customer and partner feedback that we've received thus far and are prioritized based on the scenarios that would impact the most end users of a MOSS-based web site down to the least.

  • Milestone 1: AKS 1.0 Private Beta – ETA September 17, 2007
    This initial milestone will provide a testable version of the kit that focuses on the web content publishing and authoring scenarios for Internet facing web sites as well as intranet portals.
  • Milestone 2: AKS 1.0 Release to Web – ETA October 29, 2007
    This milestone will provide a production ready version of the kit that can be used in the implementation of live MOSS based web sites or portals.
  • Milestone 3: AKS 1.5 Update – ETA December 17, 2007
    This milestone will provide accessibility improvements for advanced web content authoring and team collaboration scenarios.


The Microsoft product teams for Windows SharePoint Services, Office SharePoint Server, and Office SharePoint Designer are committed to improving accessibility and enabling everyone to utilize the power of SharePoint. More details about the AKS will be forthcoming as the project progresses over the next few months. In the meantime, if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about accessibility, please post them in the SharePoint - Accessibility forum.




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Playing around w/PopFly and Facebook

New Web Development Features in Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2

ASP.NET enhancements in VS2008 and .NET FX3.5



"Today, let me talk about enhancements to ASP.NET that you will see with Visual Studio 2008 and .NET FX 3.5.


Earlier this year, we
introduced the
ASP.NET AJAX Extensions which is available
as an add-on for Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0. 


With the release of Visual Studio 2008, these AJAX extensions have become an integral part of the product. 
While we have kept the runtime extremely compatible, we have also added customer requested features such as enabling many of the new controls to work inside an UpdatePanel (TreeView, Menu and WebParts) and enhanced support for client side Javascript localization.  On the tooling side, we have made some major investments in JavaScript Intellisense, type inferencing, and new control extenders design time that you can
read here.


One of the most exciting new technologies in VS2008
is LINQ.
To complement this, ASP.NET ships a new control,
LinqDataSource to support LINQ scenarios in web applications. Essentially, this LinqDataSource control allows a declarative way to use LINQ by using the data source control design pattern that was introduced in VS2005.   With the added designer support, it is very easy for developers to databind against LINQ expressions. 


Another interesting control is the ListView control.  This new data bound control is designed to provide great formatting flexibility with CSS
to website designers. With improved support for CSS in VS2008, the control allows developers to write cleaner HTML by separating markup from styling.  This flexibility also allows displaying data in interesting ways. For example, ListView supports a 'tiled' layout where each cell of the grid contains a row from the table.  Support for such scenarios is valuable in a variety of scenarios, such as the online product catalogs.
From a data binding and events perspective, ListView should seem very familiar to ASP.NET developers.

A separate server control, the DataPager control, is the ideal companion to ListView and allows navigation through pagination.  Thus the ListView and DataPager go hand in hand in providing complete customization of the layout.


ASP.NET builds on the investments made in the Application Services - Membership, Roles and Profiles - in.NET Framework 2.0.  In VS 2008, we expose these APIs as web services with both JSON and SOAP endpoints.  The JSON endpoint caters to the AJAX scenarios, where as the SOAP endpoint caters to any
SOAP 1.1 compliant clients such as WPF or WinForms applications, as well as applications written with any other framework.   The feature allows clients to
leverage the ASP.NET Application services and share a common membership, utilize role management features, and manage user profiles across a number of presentation tiers.  It also enables developers to conveniently maintain roaming user states.


In summary, ASP.NET is shipping new features with VS 2008 and .NET FX 3.5 that will enable building rich web applications faster."

Silverlight 1.0 is out

Silverlight 1.0 officially released …. What you are waiting for … SILVERLIGHT IS Out ..

MAC and Windows users can run Silverlight now. Linux users are in progress.

SilverLight is Rocks!

For Developers: Try Silverlight Extensions for VS.NET 2008 Beta ;) and still you can utilize Alpha Eddition for Expression Blend.


Got 15 minutes? Give Ruby a shot right now!

Ruby is a programming language from Japan (available at which is revolutionizing the web. The beauty of Ruby is found in its balance between simplicity and power.

It basically running through Ajax and extensive JS manipulation. Its Interpreter is highly intelligent but at the end of the day it's a command line (Console) activated on web, no GUI to mention herein yet.

Hey Mr. Web Gamer , Gleemax is coming. will be the home for gamers on the web – a combination of social networking, on-line gaming and game related content. This site will be for everyone. Whether you play RPGs, TCGs, board games, turn-based strategy games, miniature war games, or almost any type of tabletop/hobby game, you will find a home here.

The Gleemax site is not available yet. This is just an informational site and placeholder for the future Gleemax site. Gleemax team has already previewed what the public Alpha version will look like here.

Read the press release, media coverage, and Randy's blog for the most current information.

In the meantime, stay tuned to the site as we roll out this project. team will keep you informed of all the new developments as fast as they can.

DonnyBrook: Real Massively Multi-Player shooter Gamer

DonnyBrook is a project that Microsoft Research is working on to make games more epic. Imagine playing an FPS with hundreds of other players- not just 8 or 16. "How can that be possible?", you must be asking! "There would be so much LAG!", you must be saying! Well - Microsoft employs some pretty smart people who truly care about improving the gaming experience. Watch this clip and learn how they did it.

Windows Live Translator .. Beta

beta for the Windows Live Translator is now available. On the surface, it may look a lot like Altavista's Babelfish, or Google Translate, but there are some interesting features born out of Microsoft Research that are new to online translation. Try out the Bilingual Viewer by putting in the URL and choosing "Russian-English". You'll see an interesting side-by-side comparision between the original and the translated page and some controls to change views at the top. One of these controls will translate only the text you mouse over, or show the original text on mouse hover, which is very convenient for those who aren't completely fluent and just need a helping hand in the translation.

Sinitic languages, or ones that use ideographic writing systems can be incredibly hard to translate. As a test I compared the Chinese version of Wacom's Bamboo product page in Live's Translator to Google Translate, see for yourself:

Live: Bamboo has displayed the pen input function which well Windows the Vista operating system, Office 2007 and in Mac OS strengthen. It unified closely with these system's in pen input function, has provided digital ink tools and so on pen or glimmer light pen, easy on documents, electronic forms and demonstration slide prominent demonstration and increase digit annotation; Even may in the demonstration process for the slide increase annotation, cause the demonstration process to have interactive and the vitality; May also use the hand-written text, the signature, the schematic diagram and the doodle entrusts with the personalized characteristic for the email content.

Google: Bamboo good play Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Mac OS enhanced pen input function. With these systems in close connection with the pen input function, providing pens or ink Yingguangbi and other digital tools, easy in the document, spreadsheet and presentation slides and added that the figures highlight the Notes; Even in the course of the presentation slides add notes to demonstrate the process more interactive and lively and ; can also use handwritten text, signatures and graffiti for the draft e-mail content to the personalization features.

Microsoft products roadmap for FY08 and beyond

Oh boy, a Microsoft roadmap, haven’t seen one of these in a while. This is extracted from Steve Ballmer’s Powerpoint presentation at Microsoft Show and Tell (Financial Analyst Meeting) 2007 yesterday. I’m surprised Mary Jo Foley or Todd Bishop haven’t picked this up earlier. I’ve noted some of my items of interest with a red asterisk.

This above information contains forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties. If you make investments based on this information alone, you are an ass. Please remove yourself from the stock market immediately.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Billionaires List, Where am I?

Today I was walking through the Billionaires List. I was navigating their achievements. I have seen Bell gates (MSFT) , Paul Allen (MSFT) , Steve Jobs (Apple) , Steve Ballmer (MSFT) , Michael Dell (Dell Inc.) , Lary Ellison (Oracle) , Segery Brin (Google) , Larry Page (Google) , Pierre Omidyar (Ebay) , Hasso Plattner (SAP) , Eric Schmidt (SUN , Novell , Google ) , Jeff Bezos ( , David Filo (Yahoo) , Jerry Yang (Yahoo).

The first question been in my mind is not "Why I'm not there" , But "What they did and still doing for being craved out there" .. I slept in their history profile for hours. I realized that somewhere there was a beginning. They made a change, a real huge change as a group or as individuals. Lookout for an example Omidyar , This guy is brilliant. I like his online services. I like his civil social and his path in unleashing passion for achievement, he made a change and he got results, a huge turnover results.

What about Me? …….. I'm spending tons of hours on technology but in the end of the day am executing my boss tasks, no shares nor appreciation. What about Me? …. It's time to act through reaching that list. It is not for being in luxury life, and it's not a necessity as much as A NATURE OF MINE.

Am expecting "Enshallah" to find in the next three years a valuable friend of mine his name is "Saad Samarah" on that list. This amazing Business guy is going with an innovative e-commerce idea that will explode with huge number of online trading services. I wished if I could be in his technology team, he gave me everything I asked for but unfortunately I couldn't change my track of technology for certain reasons related to my stay at Jordan.

Now I would switch my time in blogging to extensive time for writing business plan and my idea software design... For me, my legend has begun. For the world, a New Era of Technology Investment is coming. Stay Tuned.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The new 7 Wonders Panaorama

Watch out this awesome link ->

Amazing J … After this link don't tell me ever you haven't been there :P

Tamim Barghothy – Another Prince of Poets

من أجمل ما قال ومن أعذب ما كتب ... تميم البرغوثي طيب الله ثرى البطن اللي حملك ....

Zain (Fastlink) Website is MOSS 2007 Version

Know What ?????

ZAIN.COM (Formely known as Fastlink) IS BASED ON MS SHAREPOINT 2007

Just check out their new Web Features (Blogs, Articels, Document Management, Search, .. ) --> It's MOSS 2007.

MS Dynamics GP Overview

Interesting to know more about new MS Dynamics GP Workflow Feature.

Here you go ..

File provides a comprehensive overview about MS Workflow Foundation in MS Dynamics GP 10.0

Enjoy !

Saturday, September 01, 2007

CRM and Sharepoint

Quoted from SPSFaq

"CRM and SharePoint will be converging more and more, they have a great deal in common in that they track information in real time around people and business processes. CRM is about tracking people more, and SharePoint information, but I think they could eventually become the same think, with CRM built on the SharePoint platform. CRM 4.0, codenamed Titan is being built now, and it will be available in the 1st quarter of 2008. MS will also be making it available via SaaS, in other words software as a service.

This means you will pay per user and MS will host it. This will lead to better profit margins for MS, once the setup costs of the huge server farms is covered. For the companies it will mean faster setup, deployment and cheaper ongoing costs. And they will have all the failover, backup and capacity they could want. It will alsomean no more incomprehensible licencing. If you want CRM it will just be 100 employees = $50 per month. This is the future of software my friends, soon most software will be sold this way. Don't say I didn't warn you :-)

Here are some useful links:

Integration of CRM and SharePoint announced:

How to configure a CRM Web Part in MOSS 2007:

Here is a useful blog on the subject full of useful information:

Note also that the next version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be offered via the web, or SaaS as MS is calling it: Software as a Service.,289142,sid11_gci1198320,00.html

And here are those TechEd presentations, look at the Dustin Miller one it is good fun!


Extend Sharepoint Features

See This Link:



Mohammed Zayed

Building Workflow in Sharepoint

I made a "Building Workflows in Sharepoint" Community night in It was awesome attended by 52 persons.


To find the "Workflow in Sharepoint " presentation Visit this Link:


It's my pleasure to contribute in empowering my community relationship at all the .NET Clubs User Groups in the Area.