Monday, September 10, 2007

Billionaires List, Where am I?

Today I was walking through the Billionaires List. I was navigating their achievements. I have seen Bell gates (MSFT) , Paul Allen (MSFT) , Steve Jobs (Apple) , Steve Ballmer (MSFT) , Michael Dell (Dell Inc.) , Lary Ellison (Oracle) , Segery Brin (Google) , Larry Page (Google) , Pierre Omidyar (Ebay) , Hasso Plattner (SAP) , Eric Schmidt (SUN , Novell , Google ) , Jeff Bezos ( , David Filo (Yahoo) , Jerry Yang (Yahoo).

The first question been in my mind is not "Why I'm not there" , But "What they did and still doing for being craved out there" .. I slept in their history profile for hours. I realized that somewhere there was a beginning. They made a change, a real huge change as a group or as individuals. Lookout for an example Omidyar , This guy is brilliant. I like his online services. I like his civil social and his path in unleashing passion for achievement, he made a change and he got results, a huge turnover results.

What about Me? …….. I'm spending tons of hours on technology but in the end of the day am executing my boss tasks, no shares nor appreciation. What about Me? …. It's time to act through reaching that list. It is not for being in luxury life, and it's not a necessity as much as A NATURE OF MINE.

Am expecting "Enshallah" to find in the next three years a valuable friend of mine his name is "Saad Samarah" on that list. This amazing Business guy is going with an innovative e-commerce idea that will explode with huge number of online trading services. I wished if I could be in his technology team, he gave me everything I asked for but unfortunately I couldn't change my track of technology for certain reasons related to my stay at Jordan.

Now I would switch my time in blogging to extensive time for writing business plan and my idea software design... For me, my legend has begun. For the world, a New Era of Technology Investment is coming. Stay Tuned.

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