Wednesday, September 26, 2007

CERTEON, S-Series for MOSS 2007

I was reading about CERTEON through Microsoft SharePoint Performance discussions until I found what S-Series Accelerator is doing in order to enhance MOSS performance and optimize data transaction process and speed.

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Quoted from Sheet:

Certeon S-Series™ are network devices that

accelerate the document flow between centralized

Microsoft® Office™ System applications such as

Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, InfoPath®, and Publisher®

and SharePoint® server farms by minimizing network

traffic, decreasing packet turn around times, and

reducing application chattiness. The result is a

breakthrough in response time and scalability

performance levels.

Certeon's Application Acceleration Blueprints™

enable high acceleration through an understanding

of underlying protocols, data object differences,

and Microsoft® Office™ System features such as

the XML-based file formats for PowerPoint, Word,

and Excel. The Application Acceleration Blueprints™

deploy data object differencing through an Object

Differencing Engine (ODE), which accurately identifies

prior views of these data objects.The greater the

accuracy of identification, the more efficient the differencing,

and therefore the better the acceleration.

Furthermore, SharePoint® employs different techniques

to pass arguments and data objects between

the server and each Office® application. With its

application fluency, Certeon's S-Series™ understands

how these elements are used and thus can make a

more accurate identification of these data objects.

Customers will be able to utilize these new upgrades

to 2007 Microsoft® Office™ System and Microsoft®

SharePoint® Products and Technologies without

sacrificing application performance over a WAN.



Certeon's S-Series™ accelerates the full range of

protocols and file system formats employed by the

2007 Microsoft® Office™ System and Microsoft Office

SharePoint Server (MOSS). Certeon's Application

Acceleration Blueprints™ securely accelerate access

to the new Office™ Open XML documents (including

.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) and dynamically generated MOSS

Web pages.


In Jordan, Beat is one of Certeon's certified partners who provide a full range of deployment for MS Partners and Customers who uses SharePoint, K2.NET and other office system applications. I met Mr. Muhab (Beat CEO) who has emphasized the productivity and customer feedback satisfaction for this awesome accelerator for MOSS.

I'm reading Tolly Group Test case, upon results I will recommend S-Series for partners and customers who runs MOSS on different branches or different remote front-ends.

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