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Microsoft Ships Visual Studio 2008


Microsoft has released to manufacturing its Visual Studio 2008 software development platform and the accompanying .Net Framework 3.5, meaning these technologies are available for download on MSDN to subscribers today, the company said Monday.

The products will be offered on disk within the next few weeks. Trial subscriptions also are available now. Visual Studio 2008 and .Net Framework 3.5 are accessible on MSDN here.

Among other things, Visual Studio 2008 is Microsoft's development platform geared to building Windows Vista applications. During a recent conference, difficulties with building Vista applications with the existing Visual Studio 2005 platform were cited by an attendee, who was assured that the solution is to upgrade to Visual Studio 2008.

Microsoft is touting Visual Studio 2008 as a platform for professional developers as well as hobbyists and teams.

"I am incredibly proud to be a part of the team that is truly advancing the state of developer tools," said S. "Soma" Somasegar, Microsoft corporate vice president for the company's developer division, in his blog on Monday.

"We hope that Visual Studio 2008 and .Net Framework 3.5 enables you as an individual or as a team to build great applications. Whether you are a professional developer or a software enthusiast, are building applications for the client, server, Web, or devices, we hope you have fun with these products as your software is our passion," Somasegar said.

Microsoft with Visual Studio 2008 is offering enhancements in every edition of the product, including Visual Studio Express for hobbyists and Visual Studio Team System for team-based development. With more than 250 new features, Visual Studio 2008 includes such improvements as visual designers to speed development with .Net Framework 3.5 and upgrades to Web development tools and language enhancements, the company said.

A highlight of particular interest is LINQ (Language Integrated Query), which the company said closes the gap between programming objects and data. Developers can focus on what they need the data to do rather than on how to access it, the company said. Microsoft is positioning LINQ as a technology for rapid application development.

"LINQ is the star," said Greg DeMichillie, lead analyst for application platforms at Directions on Microsoft. LINQ makes it easier to tie together C# or Visual Basic with SQL, he said.

"Everything else in Visual Studio 2008 is useful to some set of developers or another, but LINQ hits the entire spectrum of developers," he said.

Also included in Visual Studio 2008 are advanced development tools and debugging features, Microsoft said. Developers can target multiple versions of the .Net Framework, including versions 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5, and build AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) -enabled Web applications.

Tools are featured to speed development of connected applications on platforms, including the Web, Vista, Office 2007, the SQL Server 2008 database, and Windows Server 2008. Web developers can leverage ASP.Net and other technologies.

New ASP.Net controls allow for better page management and templates. Web development is boosted through new support for Web server communication techniques for AJAX/JSON-enabled Web sites.

.Net Framework 3.5 is intended to enable rapid construction of connected applications; it offers pre-fabricated software for solving common programming tasks. Web 2.0, SOA, and software-and-services applications are supported in version 3.5.

Included in.Net Framework 3.5 are enhancements to the base library, Windows Workflow Foundation; Windows Communication Foundation for Web services; Windows Presentation Foundation for presentation; and Windows CardSpace, for digital identities.

WCF supports native REST (Representational State Transfer) and RSS and backs multiple Web services specifications. These include

Web Services Atomic Transactions 1.1, WS-ReliableMessaging 1.1, WS-SecureConversation, and WS-Coordination 1.1.

Visual Studio Team System 2008, meanwhile, is an application lifecycle management system with tools, processes, and guidance. It supports management of application builds.

Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server (TFS) is a collaboration server for Visual Studio Team System. Featured in the 2008 edition of TFS are: Improved performance and security; support for such configurations as clusters, mirrors, and virtual machines; continuous integration; and scheduled builds. Also highlighted in TFS are version control features, query build improvements, and Web access to version control, work item tracking, and status reports.

Microsoft used TFS to manage this release of Visual Studio 2008. "TFS enables process enactment, collects a lot of data, and enables reporting on it. It provides visibility to everyone and it enables enforcement of certain things," Somasegar said.

But DiMichillie described improvements to TFS as minor. TFS lags behind the competition in areas like testing, he said.

Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition costs US$799 for new buyers and $549 to upgrade from the previous release. Team Foundation Server costs $2,799; upgrades cost $499.


Officially am working at Microsoft Corporation


After a long wait has a slogan of (Perusing Happiness) .. I just been informed for my Acceptance to work at Microsoft Corporation in Jordan as a Technical Solution Professional (SharePoint) under the rule of my charming man ever Mr. Zeid Shubilat ..

I was setting at Sharif Cafe close to Madinah Circle worried and almost lost thinking about what the result of mine, i got that email from Mr. Kays (Senior Microsoft HR Manager of MENA), and i was standing like i never did, scream of happiness with no pride and ask God forgiveness and thanks. Yes, am there going through a new Challenge proving my capability in building a SharePoint Market, a marvelous SharePoint. Guess who was close to me that moment, yeah he is Ghaith Al-Qurashi my best friend ever who hugged me with happiness going from a deep faithful heart. I just called my family and i heard my spirit and reason of living my mother crying for this success and God knows that she is the one after God who caused this success to happen.

For all my best friends, brothers and sisters who pushed me to the ultimate to be what i am now, THANKS .. THANKS AND A BILLION THANKS FROM THE HEART ... This success will never be mine, but for the whole community of Jordev .. for my best friends (Ayman Farouq, Mohammed Saleh, Muhannad Omar) who supported me and been always the sample of the effective people. For my best brothers and colleagues ever (Mohammed Helal, Odeh Mahmoud, Raafat Sumarin, Ihsan Anabtawi, Mohammed Najdawi, Khaireddin Bushnaq, , Tariq Sartawi, Ahmed Bsiso, Ahmed Khatib). For my all my friends who i forgot to mention many many many thanks.

I duno what to say for my charming Manager Mr. Zeid Shubailat for his kind consideration but this will be private for now :D ..

It's a moment to pray for God help, and then it's time for distributing sweeeeeets all over ... Join my celebration my best lovely people ever .........................

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Microsoft HR new Site !! What a Creative Design ..


Enable Anonymous in Microsoft SharePoint 2007

Since more clients are asking me about the same issue, here is the answer below!

Even though Microsoft has done a great job on improving the user interface in SharePoint 2007, some things are still buried and require a little "black magic" to get done. In this entry I'll show you how to enable anonymous access on your site.

First, you need to enable anonymous on the IIS web site (called a Web Application in SharePoint land). This can be done by:

  • Launching Internet Information Services Manager from the Start -> Administration Tools menu
  • Select the web site, right click and select Properties
  • Click on the Directory Security tab
  • Click on Edit in the Authentication and access control section

Instead we'll do it SharePoint style using the Central Administration section:

  • First get to your portal. Then under "My Links" look for "Central Administration" and select it.
  • In the Central Administration site select "Application Management" either in the Quick Launch or across the top tabs
  • Select "Authentication Providers" in the "Application Security" section
  • Click on the "Default" zone (or whatever zone you want to enable anonymous access for)
  • Under "Anonymous Access" click the check box to enable it and click "Save"

NOTE: Make sure the "Web Application" in the menu at the top right is your portal/site and not the admin site.

You can confirm that anonymous access is enabled by going back into the IIS console and checking the Directory Security properties.

Now the second part is to enable anonymous access in the site.

  • Return to your sites home page and navigate to the site settings page. In MOSS, this is under Site ActionsSite SettingsModify All Site Settings. In WSS it's under Site ActionsSite Settings.
  • Under the "Users and Permissions" section click on "Advanced permissions"
  • On the "Settings" drop down menu (on the toolbar) select "Anonymous Access"
  • Select the option you want anonymous users to have (full access or documents and lists only)

Now users without logging in will get whatever option you allowed them.

A couple of notes about anonymous access:

  • You will need to set up the 2nd part for all sites unless you have permission inheritance turned on
  • If you don't see the "Anonymous Access" menu option in the "Settings" menu, it might not be turned on in Central Admin/IIS. You can manually navigate to "_layouts/setanon.aspx" if you want, but the options will be grayed out if it hasn't been enabled in IIS
  • You must do both setups to enable anonymous access for users, one in IIS and the other in each site

Hope that helps!

Thanks for for his awesome useful post.

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Windows Live Onecare 2.0 released

Windows Live Onecare 2.0 released. Hurry up for 90 days trial version.

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Download Windows Live Tools for Visual Studio 2008

To download it, head on over to the Windows Live Dev Connect page on Microsoft Connect, go to the download page and download it.

Check out this awesome Article on Live Tools for VS 2008

Zune v2 print ads (gallery)

Microsoft Announced to Acquire Musiwave

In a press release issued this morning, Microsoft announced its plans to acquire French mobile music company Musiwave. The company is a leading provider of mobile music entertainment services to operators and media companies. According to the press release:

The acquisition would bring Musiwave's relationships with music labels, device makers and mobile operators that deliver digital entertainment to consumers, together with Microsoft's Connected Entertainment technologies and services, including Windows Mobile, Zune, MSN and Windows Live. Should the transaction proceed, Musiwave would continue to operate out of its current headquarters in Paris.

MusiWave provides the technology behind the new T Mobile Music Jukebox, and provides technology, marketing, and content for mobile operators and music companies.