Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Officially am working at Microsoft Corporation


After a long wait has a slogan of (Perusing Happiness) .. I just been informed for my Acceptance to work at Microsoft Corporation in Jordan as a Technical Solution Professional (SharePoint) under the rule of my charming man ever Mr. Zeid Shubilat ..

I was setting at Sharif Cafe close to Madinah Circle worried and almost lost thinking about what the result of mine, i got that email from Mr. Kays (Senior Microsoft HR Manager of MENA), and i was standing like i never did, scream of happiness with no pride and ask God forgiveness and thanks. Yes, am there going through a new Challenge proving my capability in building a SharePoint Market, a marvelous SharePoint. Guess who was close to me that moment, yeah he is Ghaith Al-Qurashi my best friend ever who hugged me with happiness going from a deep faithful heart. I just called my family and i heard my spirit and reason of living my mother crying for this success and God knows that she is the one after God who caused this success to happen.

For all my best friends, brothers and sisters who pushed me to the ultimate to be what i am now, THANKS .. THANKS AND A BILLION THANKS FROM THE HEART ... This success will never be mine, but for the whole community of Jordev .. for my best friends (Ayman Farouq, Mohammed Saleh, Muhannad Omar) who supported me and been always the sample of the effective people. For my best brothers and colleagues ever (Mohammed Helal, Odeh Mahmoud, Raafat Sumarin, Ihsan Anabtawi, Mohammed Najdawi, Khaireddin Bushnaq, , Tariq Sartawi, Ahmed Bsiso, Ahmed Khatib). For my all my friends who i forgot to mention many many many thanks.

I duno what to say for my charming Manager Mr. Zeid Shubailat for his kind consideration but this will be private for now :D ..

It's a moment to pray for God help, and then it's time for distributing sweeeeeets all over ... Join my celebration my best lovely people ever .........................

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Nat said...

I work in an agency that had the chance to chat with the Microsoft developers behind Windows Server 2008.

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