Monday, February 27, 2006

Microsoft to unveil console-cum-tablet-cum-sat-nav

Microsoft looks set to reveal a new gadget next month, currently known under the name of 'Project Origami'.

A video purporting to show the gizmo – a cross between a Nokia 770 and an iPod, according to the mutterings on the gadget grapevine - was reportedly discovered on the website of DigitalKitchen, a marketing agency whose clients include Microsoft.

The device, which resembles a small tablet PC, is used as a mini Media Center in the clip, with individuals using the device to surf the web as well as a games console and satellite navigation device.

The device is also shown devoid of integrated keyboard, with users in the video entering information via a stylus or with a detachable keyboard.

A Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed that the device was genuine but said it was not a current version of the product. "While Origami is a concept we've been working on with partners, please know that the video seen on Digital Kitchen’s web site is a year old and represents our initial exploration into this form factor, including possible uses and scenarios," she said.

Microsoft said it will reveal more about Project Origami in the coming weeks. The software giant already has a website seemingly devoted to it at which promises Windows watchers can "learn more" on 2 March.



Download the new Windows Live Messenger (BETA). It Rocks!!

Note: You have to be invited from Microsoft Live team in order to use Live Messenger Products. check

Monday, February 20, 2006

EDC 2006

Tomorrow East Med Developers Conference will fire, My Friend Bandar will present 4 sessions (last count) also Eyad Ghoshi and Dawsar will present amazing Technologies. The Conference will take the handle to deliver technical sessions talking about MS SQL Server 2005, MS VS 2005, and MS BizTalk 2006. So, it's amazing 3 days to attend. I Just need to be close to the IT-Professionals I need to see how they are acting. Am looking forward to present one day in such amazing event like EDC as Bandar did. He has been chosen due to his activity and qualifications to do it. I've been invited to attend a close VIP sessions which makes me proud of my self. Through this event hopefully am gonna take some experience fly to achieve something in the near future.


Muslims vs Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Cartoons

Since no one knows how suppose Prophet Mohammed Looks like then Muslims avoid drawing pictures for him to be away from deformation. Qura'an didn't says frankly that it's banned but Muslims respect there prophet place in their hearts as they respect all the previous prophets neither. I was like you wondering why Muslims protest against the cartoons but after i read some articles about how that prophet was, now i think the cartoons were so unjust and it hurts other feelings.

Muslims weren't one day looking for killing or tourism as most of the god damn western media says and iam one of them and they are so kind and lovely dude, Look out what Christianity and Jewish did for them in Afghanistan, Palestine, Spain or Iraq and then you will notice obviously how revenge they are keeping inside regarding what massacres been made, above all that they love Jesus but not as a sun of God but as a prophet means that they believe in him cause that's what Qura'an impose as a duty to believe in all the prophets who propagandize to believe in One God no else.

I Think Media keep hiding the fact that they are who teach modern world the peace from centuries when others were killing there women and children and in the opposite they were treating others' soldiers, protecting women children and old men when Jehad happened.

Take some time to learn about them from a lot of webs and below some:

Don't judges tell you read and see the fact in eyes of reality not eyes of others.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Microsoft set to launch ID management across multiple sites

Quoted: By Elizabeth Montalbano, IDG news service

Microsoft plans to allow users to manage their passwords and indentites across multiple websites. The company is set to include technology in both Windows XP and in the forthcoming Vista.

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates discussed Microsoft's plans for the technology, code-named InfoCard, during a keynote at the RSA Conference 2006 in San Jose, California. The technology acts as a "wallet" where users can store the identity and password information for how they would like to be identified on various websites, said Michael Stephenson, Microsoft's director of product management for identity and access.

Using InfoCard will eliminate the need for users to remember multiple identities and passwords for websites with which they do business, he said. It also will help them manage what information is provided across those sites.

Companies have been trying to solve the problem of managing authentication and identities across multiple websites as e-commerce, online banking and other online business has become increasingly pervasive.

Microsoft users will see InfoCard in the control panels of Windows Vista and also in Windows XP, as well as in Internet Explorer 7, which the company plans to offer for both versions of the OS.

InfoCard also must be supported on a website in order for a Windows user to take advantage of it, Stephenson said. Microsoft plans to include the technology as a part of WinFX, the programming model for Windows Vista, so developers can use the technology in Web-site development, he said.

Additionally, Microsoft Tuesday released a developer resource kit for InfoCard that can be used in conjunction with the test preview of Windows Vista that was released in September.

Hundreds of cyber attacks against Danish and western webservers

List of the Danish websites that been hacked due to spiteful pictures about Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) that been published within the Denmark newspapers last month under allegation (Freedom of Writing).

Live Mail Beta!

bscFinally am a hotmail VIP member. So I've got the response to join the Live Mail beta experience. At first blush It's amazing (Faster, Solid, And Wonderful). It looks like the outlook interface. I like the caching mechanism and also I liked the right click context menu also the keyboard shortcuts but am sure a lot of features still hidden. I Think Live Mail (codename Kahuna) Team should include these features which will shine the new web mail service.

1- Spelling Tool.

2- Using Attached Pictures within the editor.

3- Ability to draw Tables within the Editor.

4- Ability to get feeds from the outlook calendar.

5- Ability to import Windows Address Book Contacts Outlook contacts.

6- Open the mail in the new Window.

7- From your Mail to your Space.

Syria Trip

I went to Syria and spent there 4 days. It was an amazing trip, actually my feedback wasn't regarding tourism places but it was about the first impression i got when I went there, an old school friends were waiting me and a big big damn hug did there. Syria is distinguished by its local market which basically depends on the local products. Which means that Syria does not care for the western threat in cutting the Global Relations. I liked the sweets out there, i went to a street called Al-Medan believe me it's one of the lovely sweety streets ever seen, contains more than 30 sweet shop with different Kinds - Knafi, Mlapas, etc. I've stayed in my friend's home "MuhieAlddien" he was so kind and generous also so funny dude :D. I've visited a Software Shop called Dark Side, this shop is amazing specially that all the cd's are copied and hacked by the same person :D. I found MS Visual Studio 2005 Pro. DVD only in 100 Lera which is approx. equal to 1.86 Dolar :D. My God what bill gonna do if he knows that :D. Meals out there is delicious more by 1000,000 times than Jordan and also so cheap compared with high rates in Jordan. Girls are pretty in Halab, they are white as the snow, Sobhan Allah. It was a wonderful trip since I've missed guys out there. Hopefully I will did it again soon. Btw Syria has approved for the KFC to open two months ago and it considered as the first foreign Restaurant in the whole country. The Rest. is kind of empty since less people buy from there, Local products much delicious, attractive and cheap. Simply even if it's not that modern country but i enjoyed staying there a lot! :)