Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Syria Trip

I went to Syria and spent there 4 days. It was an amazing trip, actually my feedback wasn't regarding tourism places but it was about the first impression i got when I went there, an old school friends were waiting me and a big big damn hug did there. Syria is distinguished by its local market which basically depends on the local products. Which means that Syria does not care for the western threat in cutting the Global Relations. I liked the sweets out there, i went to a street called Al-Medan believe me it's one of the lovely sweety streets ever seen, contains more than 30 sweet shop with different Kinds - Knafi, Mlapas, etc. I've stayed in my friend's home "MuhieAlddien" he was so kind and generous also so funny dude :D. I've visited a Software Shop called Dark Side, this shop is amazing specially that all the cd's are copied and hacked by the same person :D. I found MS Visual Studio 2005 Pro. DVD only in 100 Lera which is approx. equal to 1.86 Dolar :D. My God what bill gonna do if he knows that :D. Meals out there is delicious more by 1000,000 times than Jordan and also so cheap compared with high rates in Jordan. Girls are pretty in Halab, they are white as the snow, Sobhan Allah. It was a wonderful trip since I've missed guys out there. Hopefully I will did it again soon. Btw Syria has approved for the KFC to open two months ago and it considered as the first foreign Restaurant in the whole country. The Rest. is kind of empty since less people buy from there, Local products much delicious, attractive and cheap. Simply even if it's not that modern country but i enjoyed staying there a lot! :)

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