Saturday, January 28, 2006

Openning Kahuna for Public :)

Try the new Microsoft Web Mail, actually I watched the channel 9 video with team and Kahuna is amazing stuff guys. It really ROCKS !

You have to wait since this is a waiting list mechanism; it may take sometime till you get the opportunity to be added as one of the beta users cause a lot of people in the queue. We pick up some users randomly from the hotmail to join this beta experience just when you notice a green button under the Hotmail Logo in you hotmail start page the you have to be happy cause your lucky to experiment our new product between 200 million users online.

Kahuna is Microsoft's answer to Yahoo Mail's redesign, which is also currently in beta test, and also will produce a new, faster version of its Web-based mail service. Like the new Yahoo Mail, Kahuna uses a variety of technologies, including AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), to create its new look and feel.

Kahuna, which works under the marketing slogan of "Faster. Simpler. Safer" has a secondary phrase used by its development team of "Pimp My Mail," said Hotmail program manager Imran Qureshi on his blog. Qureshi has posted a screenshot of Kahuna in action here.

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