Saturday, January 28, 2006

Official screenshots of microsoft Mail beta

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Top 5 reasons I Love mail beta… reasons 1 and 2

Mail beta is a brand new web mail experience focused on being faster, simpler and safer than existing web mail services (read more). The team focused on the basics of reading and sending mail. Mail beta is a work-in-progress and a large number of beta users are driving what it becomes (we can barely keep up with all their ideas…)

Here’s the first of some of my favorite things about reading mails in mail beta:

1. Fast, faster and faster still
Mail beta is significantly faster, I mean by an order of magnitude:
a) The UI responds instantly to many actions and quickly to others
b) Very few context switches (where the whole page changes and your eyes have to rescan)
c) You need fewer clicks to do the everyday tasks
d) Cleaner look (including more “white space”) so your eyes can relax and find stuff faster

2. Read mail without leaving your inbox using the Reading pane
The Reading pane allows you to read your mail without leaving your inbox. If you like the reading pane in Outlook now you have it in web mail. Other web mail services forces you to open each message and close it before reading the next message. If you have 10 messages to read, they will require 20 clicks, Kahuna: 10. (How’s that for your carpal tunnel?)

Want to see a wide email? Just click and voila!

Posted By: Imran Qureshi

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