Tuesday, September 27, 2005


School Technology Innovation Center at Queen Rania for IT Building


Iam working there on a project called E-Learning Gateway using :

1-     MS Sharepoint Server.

2-     MS Class Server.

3-     MS ISA Server.

4-     MS Live Communication Server.

5-     MS SQL Server 2000.

6-     MS Exchange + Active Directory .


So the project is an introduction to be familiar with those huge products in the way to start working on a project for the same center and for the IT village soon. I like the content management and the customization in the Sharepoint portal , also I became interested in working with the web parts , seems we will produce something great out there since I am working with a qualified project manager but not that qualified team L . Anyways , Iam gonna produce a documentation about what I've learned there.



I Liked The Song Lyrics ,


I close my eyes

Then I drift away

Into the magic night

I softly sway

Oh smile and pray

Like dreamers do

Then I fall asleep

To dream my dreams of you


In dreams...I walk with you

In dreams...I talk to you

In dreams...Your mine


All of the time

We're together

In dreams...In dreams


But just before the dawn

I awake and find you gone

I can't help it...I can't help it

If I cry

I remember

That you said goodbye

To end all these things

And I'll be happy in my dreams

Only in dreams

In beautiful dreams