Tuesday, September 27, 2005


School Technology Innovation Center at Queen Rania for IT Building


Iam working there on a project called E-Learning Gateway using :

1-     MS Sharepoint Server.

2-     MS Class Server.

3-     MS ISA Server.

4-     MS Live Communication Server.

5-     MS SQL Server 2000.

6-     MS Exchange + Active Directory .


So the project is an introduction to be familiar with those huge products in the way to start working on a project for the same center and for the IT village soon. I like the content management and the customization in the Sharepoint portal , also I became interested in working with the web parts , seems we will produce something great out there since I am working with a qualified project manager but not that qualified team L . Anyways , Iam gonna produce a documentation about what I've learned there.



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anas ababneh said...

Ash ya klb wan asma2na m3k