Friday, June 30, 2006

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Micorosft has released new IE7 Final Beta

After letting Internet Explorer 6 go for years without any significant updates, Microsoft has been trying to make up for lost time by releasing a series of previews and betas for IE 7. The first preview was released to the public in January, and Beta 2 followed on its heels in April. Now, Microsoft has unveiled a third and possibly final beta of its new web browser.
There are no significant changes to the rendering engine, as Microsoft promised web developers in March that the layout engine was "feature complete" and that they could start testing their sites with the new browser. However, the new beta does offer many bug fixes, performance enhancements and minor user interface tweaks.

As with Beta 2, the new version requires Windows XP with SP2 installed. Versions are also available for Windows XP Pro x86-64, and for both x86 and Itanium versions of Windows Server 2003. Microsoft recommends uninstalling Beta 2 or earlier if installed, although the release can be installed on top of Beta 2 if you feel like living dangerously. Installing IE 7 involves running Windows Genuine Advantage to check to see if you are running a "valid" copy of Windows twice: once before you download the installer, and a second time after the installation routine begins. While this may please people who really love to feel validated, it seems a tad overkill for installing a beta version of a free browser.

Improvements over Beta 2 are mostly bug fixes, although some welcome changes have been added to the user interface. Like most other tabbed browsers, Beta 3 now allows you to change the order of the tabs by dragging and dropping them into a new place. RSS feeds can now be updated all at once instead of one feed at a time, and there are more options for marking all feeds as read. For those people who missed their e-mail button on the main toolbar, the new beta allows it to be put back in. The crazy arrangement with the menu bar sandwiched in between the address bar and the toolbar is still there by default, and although it is possible to unlock these toolbars and drag them to more sensible places, you still can't place the menu bar above the address bar, where most everone in the universe would expect it to be.
IE 7 Beta 3's Toolbar, with the "Classic" menu bar disabled.

Microsoft continues to promote their new web site devoted to showcasing third-party plugins for IE 7, no doubt to compete with the many Firefox plugins available. Internet Explorer 7 does a good job of catching up to other browsers on the market, although Opera and Firefox users may not see anything new here that is compelling enough to get them to switch. However, IT managers will no doubt welcome the extra security features, including antiphishing tools that warn users when they are visiting spoofed sites.

Internet Explorer 7 is scheduled for a final release near the end of 2006, and although this is the last scheduled "beta," there may be additional Release Candidate previews before that time.

Test your Web Design in Diffrent Browsers

Browsershots is a free online platform where you can test your web design in different browsers. When you submit your web address, it will be added to the job queue. A number of distributed computers will automatically open your website in their browser. Then they will make screenshots and upload them to the central server here.

Check this out:

Is WinFS dead ??!!!

quoted from

Hi. Wow there has been a lot of, let’s say, interest in the posting Friday. I knew there would be interest, and I knew that the news that we would not ship WinFS as a separate thing would make news, but didn’t expect quite the thread lengths we are seeing! Whew.
There are obviously a lot of questions on people’s minds. So I post again today trying to answer some of them. To those who think I am not a real person but rather a name in front of PR machinery – that’s just not true. I am flesh and blood – with a job, a team, and a passion for what we have been pursuing in WinFS. And even a life outside of Microsoft Building 35 with a wife, kids and other interests. Certainly seems like I might have been too careful in wording last week – was not my intention to offend bloggers everywhere, really.
OK, here are the questions/answers.
Is WinFS dead?Yes and No. Yes, we are not going to ship WinFS as a separate, monolithic software component. But the answer is also No - the vision remains alive and we are moving the technology forward. A lot of the technology really was database stuff – and we’re putting that into SQL and ADO. But some of the technology, especially the end user value points, are not ready, and we’re going to continue to work on that in incubation. Some or all of these technologies may be used by other Microsoft products going forward.
Does your plan for WinFS have any impact on Windows Vista? There is no impact on Windows Vista. We announced back in August 2004 that WinFS would not be in Windows Vista.
Will the "Relational Filesystem" ever be in Windows?Hey – we are very busy finishing Vista, and just aren’t ready to talk about what comes next. The vision for a richer storage in Windows is very much alive. With the new tools for searching and organizing information in Windows Vista, we are taking a good step towards that vision.
Why are parts of WinFS going into SQL Server?We have a vision around data that guides us we call the "Data Platform Vision". We’ve been talking with customers about this for some time, and we have heard consistent positive feedback. It was clear that the integrated storage and automation features of WinFS will help SQL Server deliver on the "Beyond Relational" and "Continuous Availability and Automation" promises of that vision. We decided to focus resources on delivering these technologies to our customers as part of the Data Platform Vision in the near term.
What's the upside to developers?We believe that including some of the WinFS work in SQL will broaden which developers will benefit from that database, and further we believe the ADO.NET for Orcas innovations will make using a database a lot easier and more productive for developers. Our Data Platform Vision talks about Your Data, Any Place, Any Time. It’s a compelling vision, and we will continue to invest in the desktop versions of SQL (SQL Express and now SQL Everywhere) as well as the Server.
What is a ship vehicle? Why does it matter that WinFS is not a "separate ship vehicle"?A ship vehicle is the method in which we bring a technology to market. This could be a separate product release, a service pack to an existing product, or an integrated technology in a larger product platform. We announced the removal of WinFS from Longhorn two years ago, and talked about WinFS being a separate ship vehicle. But we are no longer are planning to release a separate WinFS delivery vehicle.
Was WinFS "killed" because of its design?No. In fact, the Beta was coming together really well. People have speculated on "redesigns." The original goals of WinFS have never changed, but the technology we are building isn’t easy – so we did take a number of internal design changes and re-writes. And I am not going to apologize for that. Getting the relational engine to behave and perform like the Windows filesystem isn’t a matter of a few lines of code – it has to be done very carefully and architected right. The bars on performance, compatibility, etc. are all super high.
Why did Microsoft announce this now after talking about WinFS at TechEd so recently?When we were at TechEd, we had not made the decision. Sure, it was under discussion, but we did not have all the information we needed and we had not made the call yet. We did share the news as soon as we had the final word. We could have waited longer to disclose the information and made the change in plans less of a contrast, but we chose to notify people as soon as we could. This is why we used the blog and didn’t fire-up the big MS PR machinery – that takes time.

Author: Quentin Clark

Thursday, June 29, 2006


My Hayat Project were aim to provide tracking methodology for the physicians to predict when their patients will be at risk state depends on their Health Data Records. In Addition using built in Analysis Services in SQL Server 2005 I've built a tracking system that alarm the patient to take care of his/her health because the system predicting that he/she might fall in one of the X health emergency situations.
My friend Besher (Health Engineer) and I designed a health check device attached with the PDA that check the human Heart Rate and Body Temperature send them to the Hayat Warehouse using secure web services and Using Health Discovery Engine we track the Patients Health Status to ensure that he/she is not at risk level and if (Might God not execuse) they at risk we send an alarm message to their mobile devices using Hayat Web Services neither.
I've used many smart client features and even I used DMX (Data Mining Extension) in order to show my results and even to process my Mining Structure Online which Help the Health Research Committee to track diseases and causes of diseases easily with a customizable search engine that allows the physicians to track their patients health depends on many interesting parameters such as (Age, Gender, Nature Temp, Date, Weight, Height and more).
I've Participated with the Imagine Cup Worl Wide Contest in this project but seems talking about its features didn't give me the enough time to display most of the amazing real time (implemented) features even they were all exist but JUDGE COMMITTE SAID "TIME IS OVER". Unfortunately HAYAT won the second place and P.S.U.T automation system suddenly and unexpectedly won the first place over Jordan. anyways Congratulations for the participants and Thanks God my goal were not only the prize but to proof that using BI over Health Records we can predict and discover what it's much interesting than waiting diseases to spread and appear. This is might solve the most terrible world diseases depends on patients health data. This is not the end am still working and enhancing a lot of features in the system and hopefully one day am going to serve the humanity by applying this system on real time data.

Again the only taste of win for my projects is when i watch my clients start use them and ask me for more extends. I achieved weither this documented or not, i achieved somethings this my Honor to talk about here.

It's Been A Long Time

I Missed my blog and am back again to type over here again .. I walk through many interesting events like Imagine Cup 2006, Graduation, E-Village Project, New Love Story ;) and the most interesting event for the last moment is that am preparing to have my MVP with the end of this year..

Am gonna type again i have alot to store even alot to remmeber :p .. i felt in love again but it's not obvious if i do like her more than she likes me or not or may be we both guess that we do ..

My Imagin Cup was full of sadness since i gain the second place even alot who attended the presentations believe that Hayat System deserve the First Place with no competitor .. am Gonna talk about Hayat more and More soon .. am now feel sleepy i have to check Jordev cause i heard my friend Bander got the MVP so wow, he is one year graduated but sure for his great efforts he deserve it :S