Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's Been A Long Time

I Missed my blog and am back again to type over here again .. I walk through many interesting events like Imagine Cup 2006, Graduation, E-Village Project, New Love Story ;) and the most interesting event for the last moment is that am preparing to have my MVP with the end of this year..

Am gonna type again i have alot to store even alot to remmeber :p .. i felt in love again but it's not obvious if i do like her more than she likes me or not or may be we both guess that we do ..

My Imagin Cup was full of sadness since i gain the second place even alot who attended the presentations believe that Hayat System deserve the First Place with no competitor .. am Gonna talk about Hayat more and More soon .. am now feel sleepy i have to check Jordev cause i heard my friend Bander got the MVP so wow, he is one year graduated but sure for his great efforts he deserve it :S

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