Monday, May 22, 2006

Graduation Project

It's been along time i didn't post anything to my blog.. Yesterday at 2:00 p.m. i've passed the graduation project presentaion with good impression after three days of sleepless :( .. Hopefully i brought an impressive idea related with AI field and Health sector but am my ambtion says this is not the end .. My Project Codename cold Hayat and am gonna participate within the Imagine Cup with the same codename till the release of the product in the future :) .. mm my presentation were tuff and not that good organsied since i designed and prepared just few hours before the committe presentation but Thanks God it impressed Dr. Ayman Tamimi who complain in alot of major field in the my communication skills which will help me in the future as a technology speciliast enshallah :) ..

Thank you Mom and Dad for all the great endless support that i found from you ..
Thanks for Dr. Mohammed Bilal (THE AI GENIUS) who pushed the idea to be implemented ..
Thanks to All who supported me and wished me the good luck ..

Creativity can't be created in others because it exists by nature at the bottom of there hearts .. Hopefully am one of these others :) ..

Yes my happiness remind me in her and i wished if she was there to congratulate me .. anyways am now convinced more than ever that am gonna be happy with or without her ... i don't care if Life is fair or not anymore as my only believe is THE ONE WHO CREATE THIS LIFE IS FAIR ..


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