Thursday, June 29, 2006


My Hayat Project were aim to provide tracking methodology for the physicians to predict when their patients will be at risk state depends on their Health Data Records. In Addition using built in Analysis Services in SQL Server 2005 I've built a tracking system that alarm the patient to take care of his/her health because the system predicting that he/she might fall in one of the X health emergency situations.
My friend Besher (Health Engineer) and I designed a health check device attached with the PDA that check the human Heart Rate and Body Temperature send them to the Hayat Warehouse using secure web services and Using Health Discovery Engine we track the Patients Health Status to ensure that he/she is not at risk level and if (Might God not execuse) they at risk we send an alarm message to their mobile devices using Hayat Web Services neither.
I've used many smart client features and even I used DMX (Data Mining Extension) in order to show my results and even to process my Mining Structure Online which Help the Health Research Committee to track diseases and causes of diseases easily with a customizable search engine that allows the physicians to track their patients health depends on many interesting parameters such as (Age, Gender, Nature Temp, Date, Weight, Height and more).
I've Participated with the Imagine Cup Worl Wide Contest in this project but seems talking about its features didn't give me the enough time to display most of the amazing real time (implemented) features even they were all exist but JUDGE COMMITTE SAID "TIME IS OVER". Unfortunately HAYAT won the second place and P.S.U.T automation system suddenly and unexpectedly won the first place over Jordan. anyways Congratulations for the participants and Thanks God my goal were not only the prize but to proof that using BI over Health Records we can predict and discover what it's much interesting than waiting diseases to spread and appear. This is might solve the most terrible world diseases depends on patients health data. This is not the end am still working and enhancing a lot of features in the system and hopefully one day am going to serve the humanity by applying this system on real time data.

Again the only taste of win for my projects is when i watch my clients start use them and ask me for more extends. I achieved weither this documented or not, i achieved somethings this my Honor to talk about here.

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