Monday, February 20, 2006

Muslims vs Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Cartoons

Since no one knows how suppose Prophet Mohammed Looks like then Muslims avoid drawing pictures for him to be away from deformation. Qura'an didn't says frankly that it's banned but Muslims respect there prophet place in their hearts as they respect all the previous prophets neither. I was like you wondering why Muslims protest against the cartoons but after i read some articles about how that prophet was, now i think the cartoons were so unjust and it hurts other feelings.

Muslims weren't one day looking for killing or tourism as most of the god damn western media says and iam one of them and they are so kind and lovely dude, Look out what Christianity and Jewish did for them in Afghanistan, Palestine, Spain or Iraq and then you will notice obviously how revenge they are keeping inside regarding what massacres been made, above all that they love Jesus but not as a sun of God but as a prophet means that they believe in him cause that's what Qura'an impose as a duty to believe in all the prophets who propagandize to believe in One God no else.

I Think Media keep hiding the fact that they are who teach modern world the peace from centuries when others were killing there women and children and in the opposite they were treating others' soldiers, protecting women children and old men when Jehad happened.

Take some time to learn about them from a lot of webs and below some:

Don't judges tell you read and see the fact in eyes of reality not eyes of others.

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