Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Windows Live Translator .. Beta

beta for the Windows Live Translator is now available. On the surface, it may look a lot like Altavista's Babelfish, or Google Translate, but there are some interesting features born out of Microsoft Research that are new to online translation. Try out the Bilingual Viewer by putting in the URL www.expert.ru and choosing "Russian-English". You'll see an interesting side-by-side comparision between the original and the translated page and some controls to change views at the top. One of these controls will translate only the text you mouse over, or show the original text on mouse hover, which is very convenient for those who aren't completely fluent and just need a helping hand in the translation.

Sinitic languages, or ones that use ideographic writing systems can be incredibly hard to translate. As a test I compared the Chinese version of Wacom's Bamboo product page in Live's Translator to Google Translate, see for yourself:

Live: Bamboo has displayed the pen input function which well Windows the Vista operating system, Office 2007 and in Mac OS strengthen. It unified closely with these system's in pen input function, has provided digital ink tools and so on pen or glimmer light pen, easy on documents, electronic forms and demonstration slide prominent demonstration and increase digit annotation; Even may in the demonstration process for the slide increase annotation, cause the demonstration process to have interactive and the vitality; May also use the hand-written text, the signature, the schematic diagram and the doodle entrusts with the personalized characteristic for the email content.

Google: Bamboo good play Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Mac OS enhanced pen input function. With these systems in close connection with the pen input function, providing pens or ink Yingguangbi and other digital tools, easy in the document, spreadsheet and presentation slides and added that the figures highlight the Notes; Even in the course of the presentation slides add notes to demonstrate the process more interactive and lively and ; can also use handwritten text, signatures and graffiti for the draft e-mail content to the personalization features.

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