Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Today With Bill Gates on The Same Round Table !!

Today iam gonna be with Bill Gates on the same table …

We were preparing for this even since 4 days and hopefully it will succeed , I worked there with friends ( Sultan Al-Shorafi, Malik Shishtawi , Ghaith ,oday,Ahmed Khatib and Yazan Shboul ) ..

I've got a good communication skills experience with others and it was an amazing focus group that we shared.. we separated into three round tables each one with a unique timeline – one act the present time and the other act the future , in the middle there is Transformation table which translates people from the present into the future J

Will we come out with giving opportunity to set in the future table where Bill will join and by saying this sentence in front of Him imagining how Microsoft Office 31 will be in the Future?

"I can't imagine how could people live without Microsoft Office 31 that has Microsoft PowerView (instead of Microsoft Tradition PowerPoint) which uses Though to Text Technology (TTT) that translates all your thoughts into an amazing virtual presentation, today we heavily using Microsoft E-Teller that reads your documents into an amazing interactive show combining all the related images and videos using Microsoft Data Center Search Engine ".. Btw this is what I imagined about the new world of technology and I think it will closely happened.

I Think it's gonna be wonderful show ;) .. aham eshi el akeeeeeeeeeeeel elli 7naaaklooo J ..


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