Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Iam Gonna Meet Bill Gates in Jordan !!

Bill Gates in Jordan @ 26th from this month,

He will join Students for Iftar including Microsoft .NET Clubs champs in Jordan for this year . So, I've been invited with Champs of other Universities to Join Him with King Abdullah and Queen Rania in the same round table as they said. Tomorrow they gonna arrange a planning session on the way to arrange this. Iam still shocked but Thanks God to give me this opportunity and still not convenient if they gonna give me the approval to talk about my visions and saying what i really want to deliver.

One of the surprises that appeared suddenly is " We are inviting you to be one the of members who will join King Abdullah , Queen Rania and Bill Gates on the round table for Iftar" .. In The Beginning it sounds amazing but next two hours I start thinking WHAT IS THE FEED BACK WILL BE ? then I told my Self My Lord iam with the chairman of the biggest Giant leading Software Company in the world , still confused is it supposed to mean that they gonna looking for that initiative iam trying to build in me ? Are they will be concerned to know what is the disaster which faces the new generation regarding to the old Knowledge which most of Doctors in Universities of Jordan driving and how much we are hurtful from negligence the creative students .. Will they hear our needs carefully .. I Wish this chance which rarely to happen twice will pushed all the .NET CLUBS upppp … GoOoOoOoOooOD LuCk Champsss …


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Way to go,and Good Luck dude!
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