Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bit-Shop ( Testing your 2.0 )

With the release of 2.0 (Beta 1, Beta 2, Final Release) a lot of web hosts that support NT/IIS running fast beyond bringing this new technology to their local servers for serving customers widely and efficiently with a new rock reliable solid hosting. Web hosts compete who will provide the technologies early in order to gain a lot of users who developing these new features. One of the web hosts is Bit Ship ( Business Internet Technology Shop ) which powered by Microsoft. Its servers support 2.0, ASP and Perl. Furthermore, it supports MS SQL Server 2005 (codename Youkon) and Access. It provides web mail and a lot of protecting techniques to prevent the spammers from reaching your box. You can have a FREE host with 50 mg if you need to try 2.0 which is good in order to shine this new release in the developers Market. I was looking for the free templates that Bit shop provide neither but still didn't discover it yet (I heard it's up to 400 templates but still not sure). If you are an 2.0 developer go ahead and upload your web application to test it online ;). Iam soOo longing for testing my web parts, give my site a culture customization, using master pages and a lot of amazing new features that 2.0 include. Go on Dude don't waste your time in the 1.1 traditional one the new generation is coming .

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