Friday, November 04, 2005

Eid Mobaraaaaak ya 2amameeer :)

Walkoooooooo Kol 3aaaaaam Wentooooooooo b 2alf Hana w b5eeeeeer


Am fine thanks God , actually It was a good experience that I've tried with Bill Gates in the dead sea near by friends from different parts of Jordan . We were 32 students 16 of them sat on the round table which their Excellencies Khaled Touqan and Nadia Assa'adi ( Ya Allaaaah shu bet7eb te7ki heeek 7akooli bs el7amdolellah ma 7kat walaw 7ases-ha fahmani I duno :S ) , my luck were to set in the chair near by the chief software architect and Microsoft chairman Bill Gates. I Think I told you what I've been pushed to say last time . Anyway we come up with an agreement which been decided to be signed before all of that to move the Microsoft Preventative office to be Regional one and other agreements such as Laptop for Each student (they said it will cost 100$ :S), the main purpose for meeting resume of Jordan youth is to let him (Bill) focus on the passion that youth has in Jordan (wllahi fee passion bas kam el percent la tes2alooni :S) .. It was an amazing meeting enso ennu ma 9a7elna nakol mnee7 :P .. 3o2baalko w kolko deserve it aktar menni wallaaaa ..

Aham eshi halla2 et-hanno bel3eed elyoom w bokra wel yoom elli b3do ekbesooha drasi le2anno 2arrab el first .. Ba7ebkooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo J ..

By The way guys, shu rayko b seminar amoor nejteme3 fyo el esboo3 elli jaaaay ;) weykoon yoom eltolata J .

Gallery of our meeting will be downloaded enshallah on my Blog online ( …

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