Friday, December 09, 2005

ACM 28/11/2005 KUWAIT

The ACM competition which took place in Kuwait this year was an amazing event and one of the interested events I have participated ever. I was one of the contestants who have to solve the 10 problems in order to join the International contest which will take place in USA this year. My team called (Show the way) and our goal was to solve 5 problems at least we were training for 4 months ago but in the end we passed with two problems which were bad for us and prevent us even from being ranking as the 13th winner team. Actually it wasn't regarding we don't have enough knowledge to solve more cause we trained so fine but it was all about the experience of participating. We enjoyed there by meeting a lot of competitors from different parts of our Arab world which heats up the passion to participate and compete more and more. They all joined with passion for winning but Egypt was the better due to its experience (4 years) :S. Hopefully I will do better in the next programming contests. I wished for my team to win the battle but defiantly we still need more experience about how to feel confidence in participating like these contests. Anyway I hope the next times will allow me to show them the programming creation that I hopefully have ;) .

I'm on the way to participate with the Imagine Cup 2006 contest will I have do much better to gain the experience and the Cup nothing is impossible if you did hard !!!.

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