Sunday, August 05, 2007

A New Chapter of Challenge has Begun …

A new channel of challenge in my life has begun. I left Generic Corp. After 9 Months of the hard working, wither people has believe it or not, we made Enterprise something in short time of period.

I've been a part of Generic and a founder member for the last 9 months; we were working hard to build a strong reputation for the corporate within Jordan Market. I believe that some unexpected mistakes have created discordant visions about the value of this company and its core staff. At the moment, Generic is growing in the market faster than before utilizing its unique services in building a strong line-of-business and I wish all the luck for the all the friends there. Are you confused about the reason of resigning? It's not personal as much as sometimes withers you like it or not you should take advantage of it.

Where am I? Am slowing down more than ever in chosen my upcoming family, I would love stabilizing with high achievement rather than challenge with high risk management. Nowadays, am building a strong knowledge for my upcoming career, trying to get advantage of MS Solutions Framework and going deep into MS Unified Messaging Services 2007 in addition to MS VS 2008 and MS SQL Server 2008, too.

So am going to Think Big. Start Small and Act Now!


I'm Wishing Generic Corporation utmost Achievement and best luck. I'm sure that this should be mentioned by any professional.

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