Friday, August 24, 2007

24/8/2005 the friday that i don't want to remember

in this day 24/8/2005 was the last call between us when you were in lebanon acting that you missed me. Two year from that moment i still remember every word and feel every single emotion i lost in that call.

Two days after 24/8, i was flying to dubai translating all our dreamz to truthness.

Two years ago, i was like a bird comin back to home, flying to you just to emphesize my love immortal. BUT i didn't know at 31/8/2005, once i reach Amman holding unforgotten perfidy that three years of my own SMLife was just a dream ... i was just dreaming of Somebody's Me ....................

I realized that even some people still breathin that's never means they still alive. That's you, that's what you will keep on forever. Screw you and all your damn memories.

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