Tuesday, August 28, 2007

MS Expression "Think Expression"

For MS Expression interests,

Now be part of "Think Expression" Community.


The website includes resources and articles that support Microsoft Expression Suite. It's one of a kind designed by Abdul Rahman Zaza supported with Samer Chidiac , I like expression for its powerful deign, media engine. Expression has empowered WPF through MS Expression Blend and many were asking if Blend will replace Cider the codename for WPF Visual Tools in VS 2008 but the answer were Expression was build to separate the development Environment from Design Environment which means that Layout is fully separated from Event-Handling and Backend code.

With Silverlight Alpha Release, expression web is playing a main rule in building this Rich User experience web applications. I still believe that Expression needs more enhancements and testing yet.

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Zaz said...

Dear Muhammad,
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you personally for all the time you spent, all the effort made to bring this blog to a success!

i felt a pleasant joy once visiting the blog really!:)
Always recommended by Samer hehe

I have thought quite a bit about the possibility of starting a core of some expression community together and putting both our expertise at the disposal of the Arabic community!

they would benefit greatly from the members' talent, wisdom, and experience!

Thumbs up! and keep up with the good work!
God Bless you and Ramadan Mubarak
AbdulRahman Zaza