Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Miss Blogging !!!

"To sink into the way of Achievement"

In Fact, am stuck with thousands of tasks within Generic Corporation and even am spending most of the week hours in the corporate burning to enhance its line-of-business and bring new clients on board.

Life is pretty out there, we became 4 and expecting in this week to expand more to become 6 people.

The Board now includes:
  • DR. Nabil Kharman (Chief Executive Officer and Founder)
  • Khaireddin Bushnaq (Technology Specialist)
  • Elie Awwad (Chief Creative Officer)
  • Me (Chief Operating Officer)

We are Hiring !!!
  • Senior Software Developer (1)
  • Mid-Level Software Developer (1)
  • Marketing and Sales Officer (1)
  • Office Executive Assistant (1)

Now we are preparing to move to the new office within one Month. Life is pretty here even in the most moments you get boring for the reason we are working at A SCHOOL :S .. yeah it's true we are working in the Al-Saadah College Schools and represent for the pyblic as one of the giant IT Services Providers in the region. No one knows this fact but to avhieve and challenge is the output of every day we pass while working hard to expand our business focus and build a strong Business Development for the Year of 2007. Our core demand is to Emphasize that we can deliver in time and in best quality the e-vision of public begining with Enterprise Products and include the Home User Collaboration and Office Management Tools to end up in what beyond the seen.

To Know more about Generic Please Visit the following website:

GENERIC ROCKS !!! (it's my favor winter theme)

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