Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Vy Life First Day

what an awesome place full of passion. In fact this is my target to lose tons of weight .. VY\y Life held in Amman, close to Abdoun Mall is a Gym Club with an amazing Facilities that crackle every articulate of your body and let you relax far away from business stuff . well i should thank my manager after God success for this subscription facility and hopefully am going to enjoy with all means my membership there .. Amazing Facilities , you can swim, burn fats, build your body, run around for 200 Meters, Kick boxing classes, Saona, Jakozi and end at squatch game.

Will i guess now i found a place to blow away my damn memories .. i found a place to shrink my weight .. i like it !! >>

Let's wait After Month who is the sweetest Man ever born nowadays "Prad Bitt or ME :D" ?!!

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Anonymous said...

You're right,it has fabulous facilities...but I'm pretty sure that it's called Vy (not VY Life. Hope you're working out there often!