Monday, October 22, 2007

Technology Outsourcing in Arab World …

India is a well-known country in technology outsourcing not only for its inexpensiveness workers but as well the facilities that been provided by Indian Gov which include Infrastructure, Telecommunication, tax pardon and rich investment support escalated from the interest in this sector. I was excited when i heard that Egypt is now moving towards this one but still Taxes, Infrastructure, Investment Facilities, Insurance are key challenges for investors there. China, Philippine is a successful example of Tech. Outsourcing worldwide and Governments there has realized rapid revenue by empowering Technology outsourcing market which represents a high percentage of total incomes. Where is our Arab world from the outsourcing market??? .. i remember the moment when i was speaking about outsourcing in one of events and i targeted the question to Minister of ICT and i remember by heart his awesome answer which has nothing to do with the subject, "We have initiative to give a laptop for each student" he said.

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