Sunday, October 21, 2007

Community Kit for SharePoint: Enhanced Blog Edition reaches feature complete Beta 2 status!

When the Community Kit for SharePoint 2.0 pre-release was announced almost 4 months ago, the Enhanced Blog Edition stood out due to its innovative XSLT driven Modular Theme Framework (MTF), which enabled EBE themes to be easily packaged up and simply deployed to a folder within a Document Library on an EBE blog site. And the themes can provide a look and feel that is nothing like SharePoint's default!

With this Beta 2 release, the team has added the remaining key features that make the EBE complete in terms of enabling you to make your blog look as smart as you think you are. :-) These features are:

  • Support for trackbacks.
  • Category specific RSS feeds -- e.g. appending "?cat=SharePoint" without the quotes to the end of the Feed URL would filter the blog's RSS feed to show only the posts that have been associated with the SharePoint category.
  • Displaying the categories as a clickable tag cloud. Clicking on a tag would filter the blog's display to show only the posts that have been associated with a category that matches the tag.
  • Related posts control, which shows posts with the same categories as the one you are looking at.
  • Dynamic per-post links such as "Digg this".
  • Compliance with the MetaWeblog API.
  • Compliance with Feed Validator for the RSS feed.
  • Spam flagged by Akismet can be configured to be automatically deleted rather than stay in pending status.
  • Numerous code clean-ups/refactoring and some performance improvements.

The CKS:EBE Beta 2 release is available at Please provide feedback prefixed with "EBE" via the CKS Issue Tracker (for reproducible bug reports) or the CKS Discussions list (for Q&A and discussions). The EBE team would really appreciate some aggressive testing, especially for usability and robustness, so they can address any showstopper issues prior to finalizing the release within the next month or two.

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