Friday, October 12, 2007


The Content Query Web Part (or CQWP) in MOSS 2007 is one of the most often used components on SharePoint-based Internet facing content publishing web sites and intranet information portals. This introductory post on how to configure and customize the CQWP was one of the most widely read and commented entries on the ECM Team Blog. While the MSDN how-to article and several other people's blog entries provide more details on how to customize and override some of the CQWP's features, Ishai Sagi, a SharePoint MVP, has gone above and beyond all that by developing an enhanced version of the CQWP and posting it along with source code on CodePlex at The enhanced version includes features such as context menus for the items, toolbar for lists, and much more that you can read about from the release log.

Ishai is ready to wrap up the development of the ECQWP and move on to something else, but he would like to get a few more testers to make sure that it's rock solid. So, if you're a frequent user of the CQWP, please try out Ishai's ECQWP and give him some feedback -- good or bad. Thanks!

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