Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Running .NET Applications on Linux using Mono

I said it once. It's a cross language environment but people were laughing on me that time. Now it became implemented and third party developed release for it. While The Platform Kernel support CLR then move your .NET everywhere. It might lose some UI and API functionality but still effective.

Am looking to test my applications performance out there to notice how effective is it.

Here at ASPIRE we use NANT to build our .NET Applications as the client requires. but NANT still need .NET Framework to be installed. Mono is simulating .NET compiler using its MCS. Am keeping asking my self why Microsoft till now wont go that way even it's doable ??!!

Mono is an open source project (sponsored by Novell) that allows you to run .Net
applications on Linux (as well as Unix, Mac OS X, Solaris and even
Windows). Mono comes with its own .Net compiler, mcs. "With Monodevelop," you'll say,
referring to Mono's integrated development environment (IDE). With Monodevelop
your developers can happily work with Glade#, Gnome#, and GTK#, all within a
.Net-type environment. Check the software's download page for your distro's
version and any dependencies. With your .Net programmers happily producing applications for Linux, you can turn your attention to ASP .Net for building Web applications. You're going to need a Web server, which can be either Apache (with mod_mono installed) or Mono's own Web server, XSP. Have a look at the Mono Handbook page for Web sites and Web services to find out how to set up the XSP server. On Debian, for example, its just a matter of installing the software.

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