Monday, October 02, 2006

IE7 Handles feeds better than Firefox

through my experience in IE7 RC1 and Firefox 2.0 RC1, IE is better related to its UI and catalog reader.

check this out:


Feras Arabiat said...

I general IE7 is a very good broswer, i specially like the extra space viewing space i get due to the removal of the menu.

what i DON'T like about it, is the fact that there is no inline search like in firefox.. and i can't really get used to the location of the cancel button :-P. although i do belive that for the regular user it will be much better than firefox.

Mohammed Zayed said...

Yup Feras, there is major changes in dealing with DOM Objects and also with Style Sheets. I do believe that Firfox is growing fast and let's give its new release "2.0 RC1" a chance. Firefox still doesn't support "*.mht" files yet but it browse and catch the web sites much faster in rendering the images. But let's compare who fight Fishing and pop-ups more, with no doubt IE7 wins. I do believe that Firefox Performance is much better in the mean time neither but IE7 RC1 Victoring is much awesome. Y3ni we still clients and i will adore the one who provide much high functionality and rich UI over the browing content.