Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I'm moving to somewhere else ... yeah another new family ..

Yes i tendered my resignation today and am leaving ASPIRE office at Thursday night. Through my experience I knew the major IT companies in Jordan but I didn't feel and notice myself a company in its Social Services and Flexibility like ASPIRE Services. During the last two weeks i was living in a whole miss thinking deeply about my vision at GENERIC SOLUTIONS and compare it with ASPIRE Services. I liked everyone here; i liked Waref, Kaushal, Osamah, Imad and the others. All were kind to me and the spirit of achieving is now shining all over. The question that always been asked, is it a financial issue ?? .. The Only answer I have "I adore my challenge that leads me by God success to a better Financial state". I believe that Waref has made all the best to keep me on board but i couldn't ethicly even let him knowthat i gave my word a month ago before he even open my vision to all his promised applicable Opportunities at ASPIRE.

ASPIRE has been suffering from my late attendance.. Actually since whole month till now and am not often sleeping more than 5 hours a day. i remember that i didn't appeal any full day leave not in Friday nor Saturday since the moment i met Nabel Kharman.

I prayed and asked the lord his blessing on my upcoming future. Wishing for ASPIRE all the best from the bottom of my heart. Am going to pass frequently to the campus and provide my help.

Aspire has aquired me as Software Engineer. After my first month i presented them at ASPIRE Get Ready Day as a Technology Specialist. I had successfully built the whole internal process and been the MOSS Team Guide. Although during my three months i presented them at Jordan ICT Forum for two days.

Who is Generic Solutions ?? soon they will publish thier Website and a new era of IT Services will start shining all over.


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